'Kam-Bus' Excited to Start Iowa Career

Kalvin Bailey was one of the nation's best fullback prospects in the class of 2005. Now, he is a freshman in Iowa City. Read what Bailey has to say about that, as well as him talking about his road to Iowa and more...

You are now in Iowa – what is the biggest difference from Florida?

Kalvin Bailey: Florida is home so wherever (else) you go it is going to be different. It is being away from family, but I am getting with a new family right now. I just have to go with it.

Does the thought of being 19-20 hours away from home, and away for the 1st time, ever cross your mind?

Kalvin Bailey:I miss my mom, but I cannot worry about it right now. I just got to worry about what is good for the team. I am going to try and do my best for the team.

Have you formed some good bonds with your new teammates?

Kalvin Bailey:I am making friends with some of the incoming guys and some of the older guys, too. Especially, with guys like Marcus Paschal and David Walker. Then with the new guys like Shonn Greene, Justin Edwards, and Marcus Wilson. Also, I had to get close to the offensive line. We are forming a lot of bonds and everything is going good.

You know that some running backs when they hit the 1000 yard mark buy a Lexus for their line. I don't know about that, but maybe something?

Kalvin Bailey:I don't think I can pull of the Lexus, but something. Maybe a meal or something like a cheeseburger.

What are some of the things you notice different in the first few days of practice here than back home?

Kalvin Bailey:It's just a fast pace. Everything is fast pace and you always gotta be ready to go. That is certainly the biggest transition from high school to college football I have seen so far.

Do you notice a big difference in the speed of the game?

Kalvin Bailey:Yes, yes. Everything is just tickin' and always going. You have got to be ready. That is just how it is.

Do you know if there has been a decision made on whether you will be on the field this season or be redshirting?

Kalvin Bailey:No, they haven't made any decisions yet. We are just going along with camp and see how things go.

From the film, a comparison can be seen in you to a Jerome Bettis-type runner. Are there any players you would say your game is patterned after or similar to?

Kalvin Bailey:Ever since high school I have taken the comparisons to Jerome Bettis and try to live up to it (KB is #36, also). But right now I am just in a team situation and trying to make a team better.

What degree/major have you chosen to pursue?

Kalvin Bailey:I came here thinking about psychology, but right I am open and testing the waters to see what I like. When it comes down it I might just go with psychology. (JM: the average student changes 5 times before they are done, do you have the other 4 chosen yet? Laughing) Naw, not yet. I am just pretty (focused) on the football.

What things are you looking to accomplish as a football player at the University of Iowa?

Kalvin Bailey:Right now there is just so much to learn before I can even think about what I want to accomplish. But, I want to accomplish nothing different than what the team accomplishes.

What do you bring to the team?

Kalvin Bailey:That is a pretty hard question. I think I bring strength mixed with speed and size. That is what I bring to the team.

Do you like a 70 yard touchdown run more, or would you rather have an 8 yard run in which you bowl over a few defenders?

Kalvin Bailey:I like the 8 yarders. The 70 yarder is nice, but the eight yarder is going to come more often at this level.

Are there any of your teammates who were once your opponent in high school?

Kalvin Bailey:No, not really. Vernon Jackson is from Orlando, but we never played each other.

Have you gotten in touch with Vernon, Ettore Ewen or some of the other guys?

Kalvin Bailey:I met Ettore at a track meet before he came up here. He was talking about walking on, but he kind of hit the scholarship jackpot.

What does "Hawkeye Football" mean to you?

Kalvin Bailey:Right now, Hawkeye Football means everything. That is all I got. That is all I am worried about right now. It's my family now

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