Kids Day Play by Play

Ettore Ewen proved his coach right when the redshirt freshman terrorized his team's offense Saturday at Kids Day. takes the readers through each play of the scrimmage in this play by play package. See how your favorite players did.

The following is a running play by play of Saturday's scrimmage when we ran 11 against 11. Readers please note that the coaches shifted players quite a bit and rarely ran ones against ones. For instance, Sims frequently ran with the third team offense against the first team defense.

Also, starting receivers Hinkel and Solomon saw very few reps as the guys behind then took most of the reps in hopes of solidifying the depth chart at the position. In addition, some of the scrimmage was set up in situational form (i.e. 3rd and 4, 2 and 7, etc.)

Hinkel +22 pass from Tate.

Simmons +6 run

Hinkel +5 pass from Tate

Schnoor +15 run

Sims +3 run

Sims -2 run

Sims 0 run

Brownlee 0 pass from Manson (Ed Miles blew up Brownlee on the play)

Brownlee -1 (Greenway tackle)

Young +9 run

Young 0 run

Young 5 pass from Manson (Great catch and juke move)

Manson +5 run

Young -5 run

Manson incomplete pass intended for Calvin Davis

Davis +12 pass from Manson

Sims -2 run

Sims +4 run

Phillips sacked by Godfrey

McCollom +8 pass from Phillips

Brownlee +5 pass from Phillips

Phillips incomplete

Greene +8 run

Davis +8 pass from Christensen

Robertson +8 run

Robertson +3 run

Simmons +5 run

Simmons +3 run

Tate sacked

Grigsby +4 pass from Tate

Tate intercepted by Dawkins

Tate sacked by Iwebema

Sims +4 run

Manson pass incomplete, dropped by Brodell

Manson pass incomplete, intended for McCollom

Manson sacked by Ewen

Manson sacked by Ewen

Manson sacked by Spratt

Tate sacked by Miles

Tate (under heavy rush) incomplete to Simmons

Tate (under heavy rush) incomplete to Davis

Tate sacked by Greenway

Grigsby +4 from Tate

Tate sacked by Brevi

Manson sacked

Moeaki from Manson for nice gain

Brodell +12 pass from Manson

Manson sacked

Manson sacked by Klinkenborg (Sims missed blitz)

Christensen sacked by Vernon Jackson

Dana Brown +10 run

Christensen incomplete to Stross (pass interference)

Schnoor +15 run

Schnoor +15 run

Simmons +8

Tate incomplete to Davis (ran wrong route)

Young +4 run

Sims +2 run

Sims +6 run

Sims +33 run (Godfrey saves TD)

Manson incomplete to Christen (Kroul pressure)

Brownlee 0 run (Follett tackle)

Brownlee -2 run


From the 1:

Young TD

Tate incomplete (Spratt pressure)

Simmons stopped short

Simmons dive TD

Schnoor TD

Brownlee TD

From the 2:

Wilson pass from Manson

Sims inside run TD

Brownlee stopped short

3rd team vs. 3rd team

Robertson +4 run

Christensen incomplete to McCollom

Brown +3

Brown +9

Bailey +10 pass from Christensen

Bailey +6 run

Greene +5 run

Christensen sacked by Kanellis

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