Notes from Stadium Tour

Iowa Officials took the media on a tour of the newly constructed South portion of Kinnick Stadium Saturday morning before the Kids Day Scrimmage. Here are some highlights and notes from the tour.

• The West Gates will be open for fans to enter the stadium. Students enter stadium at SW Gate

• The new section offers 18-inch seats. The rest of the stadiums seats will be converted to that width for next season. There also is an extra foot between each bench seat, meaning your less likely to have someone's knees in your back.

• They built really nice archways into the new section of the stadium. They also used limestone to replicate the original building.

• There are 2.5 women's bathrooms for each male facility. Don't worry, there still are the same amount of male dumpers. The new women's bathroom that we visited boasted 58 hoppers. There are two family restrooms, one on each side of the concourse.

• Friends and family with tickets from players will enter at the Southwest area. Recruits and coaches with passes will enter from the Southeast.

• Although not complete, the South entrance will be open for those entering the game. A good portion of the space is paved and fans will be able to gather there. There also are really nice gathering/stretching places on outside each side of the new concourse.

• A really nice first-aid room was built on the SE side of the concourse.

• The old press box will come down after Thanksgiving (thankfully).

• The inside club seating is sold out. There are 250 out of 1,150 outside club seats still available. There are 4 suites left of the 47 available. Those 12-seat beauties will set you back $45,000. If we chip in, maybe we can have one for HN.

Iowa's team bus will now pull up to the South side of the stadium to enter the locker room. Visitors will come in on the SW side.

• 9,000 student tickets have sold for this season compared to 8,000 in 2004. There are 10,300 available for this year.

• Iowa is keeping the real grass.

• There are 95 lockers in the home team room and 73 for the visitors. They're made of maple. Really nice.

• Iowa is looking into showing Kirk's postgame press conferences on the Hawkvision (Big scoreboard) and in the clubs and suites. Next season would be the earliest that would happen.

• The Home Team locker room is really nice. Tons of showers bathrooms and room to move around.

• The visiting locker room, as you can imagine, was the highlight of the tour. Pink carpet. Pink walls. Pink urinals. Pink lockers. Pink tile. Pick toilets. Everything is done in pink, but with style.

• There will be 200 less parking spots on the West Side of the Stadium.

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