Brian Ferentz: Line Coming Together; Ways to Go

For the Iowa seniors, everything they are doing this fall is the 'last this' or 'last that'. Saturday's open practice was their last such event of their careers, and Brian Ferentz talks about getting out in front of the fans again, playing with the ball in his hand again and his thoughts on the new Kinnick Stadium renovations, and if he thinks he might ever use a pink urinal.

Q: Does it feel good to be out in front of the fans again?

Brian Ferentz: To hear them get excited when you are on the field, that is a big reason why we play Iowa football. It will be great to shake some hands and sign some autographs for kids, because half the team has been there before, have been in the stands. There is nothing better than this.

Q: Have you accomplished what you have wanted to out of two-a-days?

Ferentz: I think we are getting there. We are not there yet, to be brutally honest. But the good news is that we have two more weeks. We will have another week of camp mode then a week of preparation and by the time September 3rd rolls around, we are going to be real close.

Q: How is the line coming together?

Ferentz: I think that it's going well. We are still experimenting with some different guys in some different spots, but I think as a whole we have six or seven guys that we feel pretty good about. Just getting the chance to work together all through the spring, summer and now through fall camp, I think we are making some real progress. But I don't think that any of us are happy yet and we know where we want to end up.

We have had some guys stepping up. Marshal is not a young guy, but he is a new guy. I don't think Marshal has played in front of 20,000 people before. For the older guys, its not a big deal and you take it for granted. But for the young guys, it's a new experience and they are growing up as camp goes on. We will have to make some major strides by the time September 3rd rolls around.

Q: Does it feel good to have the ball in your hands again?

Ferentz: It does, if I was to be honest with you. Like I said, I am happy to be on the field at any position, but that is definitely a plus-plus for me.

Anytime you get on the field is great, and getting out in front of people. Some guys have not played in front of people before. For the older guys, we take it for granted; its just a practice for us. The younger guys come along a little bit.

Q: What are your thoughts on the stadium work that has been done?

Ferentz: It looks great I think. They have done a great job. We knew from the start it would be first class. They sunk a lot of money into it and you can see where it was spent. I never realized how small the press box was until I looked at the new one. This will look even better when its done; I wish I was around for another year.

Q: What did you think of the visitors locker room?

Ferentz: I have been in the old one when I was a kid. The new ones…I was joking with some of the guys, it's not so bad. It's soothing; I might relax in there. It seems to work and they have pink urinals. I have never used one and I don't plan on it, unless I am back here coaching someday. I might have to go out to a public urinal.

Q: What do you say to challenge the younger guys?

Ferentz: I think that I need to get to a certain level, too. I need to make some strides too. But as a unit, we have to keep moving on and not get too high or too low. It's never as good or bad as it seems. We just need to keep moving on and play football.

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