Iowa Taking a Look at DB Greg Thrasher

The state of Texas used to be one of the biggest advantages for Coach Hayden Fry and the glory days of Hawkeye football. As Coach Ferentz and staff continue to near getting close to that plateau, it is no surprise to continually see the Hawks sign two or three prospects from Texas every year. Could DB Greg Thrasher end up being a Texas product for the 03' recruiting class?

Carrollton, TX is not a stranger to producing D1 caliber football players. In fact, the state of Texas has and never will be a stranger. That is a large reason why a lot of times prospects can be overlooked in Texas while had they been in another state; they'd likely see their stock increase quite largely.

5'9 165 DB Greg Thrasher happens to be from Carrollton, TX (Newman Smith) and right now has not see the large amounts of offers pouring into the table. However, that is not stopping him from continually looking to seek success.

"I like to work on football every day," Greg said. "Right now, I'm doing a variety of things. I do a lot of work with how well I back pedal as that is very instrumental in how good a DB performs. I also do a lot of sprinting drills to improve my quickness and work on tackling drills to make a better angle tackler to stop potential touchdowns and big plays."

While Greg has no offers, he still has seen his share of schools showing interest through the form of letters.

"The top schools showing interest in me and that are on my list would be Iowa, Alabama, Baylor, TCU, and SMU. I just want to fine a university with strong academics and a well-rounded football team. I plan on camping at Iowa, Baylor, and SMU this summer."

So what type of DB would Greg classify himself? How well did he perform at the position this past season?

I think I am a combination DB. I'm able to cover well, but I can also step up as a playmaker when needed. Really, I'm closer to 5'10 as you could put me as 5'9 and 3/4. I had 45 tackles (8 assisted), three interceptions, and four break-ups."

With 10.9 and 22.7 speed in the 100 and 200, respectively, it should be no surprise to anyone that Greg also made a presence on the offensive side of the ball.

"I had seven catches for 141 yards. I caught one touchdown reception and averaged 20.1 yards per catch."

So what has Greg's interest so high in Iowa at this moment?

"Iowa is showing the most interest in me currently. In their letters, they sound like they expect me to come join the program with how they talk about all the their new equipment, including the new gloves they now have due to their NIKE deal. I like the fact on how they performed in their bowl game and they really seem to be up and coming. They tell me how records are constantly being broken in the weight room, like the fact that someone squatted 805 pounds and their QB and DB's are stronger than ever."

Certainly Greg would have every chance to join in on the potential strength of Iowa's defensive backs. With a strong camp performance this summer, Iowa could very easily be Greg's first offer.

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