Herb Grigsby Q & A

"It's a good thing to have a lot of depth at a certain position, a lot of experience, a lot of talented guys, that can't be wrong."

Q: (On which receiver will step up and make an impact)

Herb Grigsby: If it's me, then that's good, but I would hope that any of us can make that kind of impact for the team that Ramon Ochoa made, or (Warren) Holloway made, especially last year, that's just exciting for anyone.

Q: What do you learn watching some of those guys go from sitting on the sideline to making a real big impact on the field?

Grigsby: It's hard work. Those guys all worked hard, they were patient, they waited their turn, and that's what you've got to do. There are a lot of good, talented athletes on this team, and that's what makes this a good team. You just have to wait and be patient.

Q: What type of receiver are you, could you compare yourself to anybody who's been through here in the past few years, or are you Herb Grigsby, by yourself?

Grigsby: I think it's a unique situation, I think each receiver is unique in his own way. I can't say I'm exactly like this guy or exactly like another guy. I think it's just a trace of every guy.

Q: What are your strengths then?

Grigsby: We'll have to see, we'll wait until Saturday to see.

Q: You see Calvin Davis coming back from an injury, how's he doing?

Grigsby: Calvin's making a lot of progress, you always knew he was a good receiver, he had a couple of tough injuries last year. During his comeback this year, he's going to help a lot. That's exactly what we're looking for from Calvin.

Q: Is there room for 4 or 5 guys to play receiver out there?

Grigsby: Yeah. It's a good thing to have a lot of depth at a certain position, a lot of experience, a lot of talented guys, that can't be wrong.

Q: And you've got a veteran quarterback coming back, that helps, huh?

Grigsby: Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Yes sir.

Q: Who's the fastest among the receivers?

Grigsby: It's a lot of bragging rights, a lot of guys think they're the fastest, but you never know who the exact fastest is.

Q: (Calvin) Davis said it was you.

Grigsby: I'll take that compliment, I'll take that.

Q: Earlier it was mentioned you had a veteran quarterback coming back, how big of a tool is that for you to know that over the next couple of years you'll be able to develop that chemistry with him?

Grigsby: With Drew, he's someone you can rely on. As a younger player or someone who's inexperienced, you can go to Drew and he'll tell you exactly what you need to do, exactly what to look for, exactly what to be aware of. With Drew, he's going to have to prepared, he's like another coach.

Q: How is he out on the field, does he chew you out on a bad route, does he coach on the sideline, things like that?

Grigsby: Drew's a very emotional player. That's what we like, that's what we want from a quarterback, that's what we want from everybody on this team, somebody emotional, somebody that cares. If you're out there playing without emotion, the team really can't get a sense or feel off of you. With Drew, he has those emotions, his passion for the game, there's nothing wrong.

Q: So it's sort of understood, anything on the field stays on the field, nothing carries over?

Grigsby: That's any part of here. What happens at practice, what happens on Saturdays, what happens anywhere stays on the field. There's nothing personal about what we do on the football field.

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