Albert Young: 'Sky is the Limit' for RB Corps

Albert Young Q & A

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Q: Are you chomping at the bit to get out on the field after two years worth of injuries?

Albert Young: Definitely. Just like everyone else, it's a fresh start. I am happy to get back out there on Saturday and get this thing going.

Q: How good can the running back corps be if you stay healthy?

Young: A lot better than 116th in the country. I think that the sky is the limit with this group, because we are loaded with talent back there and to just have guys come in and out and stay fresh the entire game, who knows? It looks bright out there for us.

Q: Are you guys ready to hit the field or do you need more practice?

Young: You can always use more time to get better in practice, but we have had enough time during camp, we have had a week of school, so we are ready to go. This week is going to be important. Today is one of the more important days of the week, plus tomorrow. We are tired of waiting. It's time to hit somebody else.

Q: Do you have any butterflies yet?

Young: More anxious. I don't really get butterflies, because that is something you get in high school. All the pressure was on you then. But when you are out there with the guys on our team, it's just having fun. I don't feel any pressure.

Q: We see that you will be back on kicks.

Young: I enjoy being back on kicks. Coaches know I like doing that and I feel that I can contribute there.

Q: You have some skills as a receiver, so will we see you split out wide this year?

Young: We will see on Saturday. Going against a linebacker, that is a mismatch. We will see on Saturday and work those guys out.

Q: In reading the message boards, some people are having a hard time believing that Marcus Schnoor is so high on the depth chart. Can you explain to people about what Marcus brings to the table?

Young: I tell all the people that. He is steady. Ed Hinkel is ‘Steady Eddie', and Marcus is steady as can be. He is real consistent. He reads his blocks well, he doesn't get tackled for many losses, he has not done anything to not be a contributor, and he knows the system.

Q: What have you seen from Shonn Greene? You were going to play as a true freshman, so you know something about that.

Young: For one, just how physical he is. He is a big guy. You could be a freshman or a senior, but if you are 6-0, 200, it does not matter what year you are. And he is fast. He had a year of prep school, so I don't look at him as a freshman. He had experience after high school, so he is not coming out wide eyed. He played against better competition. I know that he expected to be able to play and he deserves it. I feel confident if he has to go out there and play.

Q: Did you know each other before he got here??

Young: I met Shonn my senior year and it was his sophomore year. We were both all star chosen running backs, so I saw him at a banquet and a few photo shoots.

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