Iowa's Starting RB: Schnoor Q & A

Q & A with Marcus Schnoor

Q: You have a chance to be the starter, things look good for you. How long did you last into the season last year, was it one quarter?

Marcus Schnoor: Half a quarter. It's exciting a gain this year and hopefully things will be different from last year. But this is the same deal going in and I am looking forward to having a good season and see what happens.

Q: Coach talked bout getting as many as four running backs in Saturday. Are there enough plays in the playbook for that?

Schnoor: I think so. I am guessing here, but there are 80 to 90 plays in a game. Say half are run plays; that is ten carries a guy. It's a good opportunity for all of us. We only had two scrimmages this fall to showcase what we have, so it will be another opportunity this Saturday.

Q: Coach said you all bring something different to the table.

Schnoor: Albert is really explosive and you can see that by looking at him. I am just kind of a North-South runner and will get positive yards. Simmons is explosive and has a lot of speed. Sam is a dependable guy and gets the job done and does not fumble the ball. You saw that last year. Shonn is going to be an unbelievable athlete I think. He is huge and fast…I would think he is the fastest running back we have. He is young and doesn't know the system yet, but with development, he will be a freak.

Q: What are the benefits to having five guys vs a featured back?

Schnoor: Everyone brings something different to the table, and you throw something different at them. You get some fresh legs, and that is a positive. If you have a basketball team with 10 guys that helps.

Q: Can that be tough to establish a rhythm?

Schnoor: Yeah. I would think so, but I think that fresh legs will mean more than a rhythm. As a running back, keep your legs loose on the sidelines, there is not much rhythm to it.

Q: Did you know you were going to be the starter?

Schnoor: Not at all. It was the first thing I heard when I went home Saturday for a few hours and that was the first that I had known.

Q: Will it (a rotation) make each guy value their carries, because it's one of those things where you look over shoulder if you mistake?

Schnoor: You have to make the best of what you are going to get. This makes you realize that. Maybe you only get six carries; you are not going to get 20 carries. I don't think that you have to try harder, but it might be in the back of your mind a little bit.

Q: How has your relationship with Albert changed in the past year?

Schnoor: It has changed a lot. I have developed a close friendship with him, but before last year we did not talk that much. Since then, we are always calling each other, joking around with each other, sitting next to each other in meetings. He is probably my closest friend among the running backs.

Q: All because of the injury?

Schnoor: I would say so, yeah. Just being together, rehabbing, competing with each other…I would say that is probably what brought us together.

Q: Are you guys ready to play someone else?

Schnoor: We have been talking about how for two weeks that we are sick of looking at each other, the yellow jerseys and the white jersey. It's the same thing each year; four weeks of practice and you get sick of facing the same people. Our defense knows what we are going to do. It will be nice to get in there study film and learn about Ball State and seeing a different defense. You just want to get out there and do something on the field and be heard about. It will be nice to get out there and do something in the game and hear about Ball State.


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