Ball State Postgame: Tate/Majerus

The Iowa Offensive started strong and never let up against an overmatched Ball State team on Saturday in a 56-0 rout. Quarterback Drew Tate and tight end Ryan Majerus talk about the explosion.


What type of test did you get today?

I think it was a good test for all of us. A lot of guys on the offense got a chance to play. Marshall (Yanda), Herb (Grigsby), Tom (Busch), (Ben) Gates got a chance to start on offense for the first time today. I think that was good and served as good preparation for next week.

Do you wish you had more of a test, or did you get enough out of this game to satisfy you?

We were just going out there and running our offense pretty much. We took what they gave us. They played hard and did not quit. We were working on a lot of things and keeping some back. But overall I thought we played well as a group and got better every series.

Was this a good theme setter for next week?

We are done going against each other and get to play someone else. That really helps you. Plus that Cy-Hawk thing would really put us up to getting to it.

Did the new portion of stadium make much difference to you?

We have already practiced in here and been around it. There were no real distractions left , so we just went after it.

What was the surface like, given the grounds crew was out there every timeout fixing divots or missing turf?

It was pretty bad out there. But it did hold up for a little while (laughs).

How about the running game today?

It was the main focus going into the season, especially for this game. I thought the backs did a good job with the crossbucks, draws, and other running plays we ran. They are just going to build on our confidence going into next week.

(Shonn) Greene is a load, huh?

He is. He is a north-south runner and did a great job.



You open the season with a win, talk about it.

It was great. I really feel like we came out in the first game and executed well. That is always good to come out and get your timing down. We started to get things to click for us and we can run the ball this season.

It is kind of nice to know you have five running backs healthy and not injured.

(laughs) Yeah, exactly. So we are ahead of the game compared to last year already.

Is it tough to take anything from a blowout win like this was?

We definitely still have things to improve and improve a lot. You just go out everyday and try to improve. That is our mentality when we go out to practice.

Have you begun looking forward at all to Iowa State?

We have the 24-hour rule we get to enjoy. Tomorrow night we will begin to work on Iowa State.

Did you notice any difference or is it just the same old Kinnick Stadium to you?

I think it looks more impressive and is certainly louder in that side of the stadium. You cannot ask for a better place to play. The fans were great today and stuck around for a long time.

Have you and (Scott) Chandler been taking Tony Moeaki under your wing?

Tony is tremendous athlete. He has got a great head on his shoulders. He came out of high school, and being touted as much as he was, he listens. That is why you saw him play well today. He goes out everyday to practice and tries to get better.

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