Post Game: Brownlee, Solomon & Young

Post game quotes from Sam Brownlee, Clinton Solomon & Albert Young


What made your offense get going so quickly and early on?

Well, we went out right off the bat and started fast. We talk about starting fast all the time. We will were firing on all cylinders. With that happening it went pretty well.

Was it good to get that big lead so that towards the end everybody got a chance to play?

It was good to see that. We can get some experience in, especially for some young guys. A lot of people who have not been on the field got out there and showed they can do some good things.

You have got to feel good and about the win, of course. But, how did it feel to take the ball to the house (end zone) twice today?

That was a good feeling getting in there. All four of us running backs got in the end zone which is a good thing compared to last year. Hopefully we can do well next week.

But you are one up on all of the other guys now.

Ya, I know. We have got to keep that going, huh? (laughs)

Looking ahead, you have a big game against the rival Cyclones.

We have to go back to work tomorrow. We have to get on the film and practice hard. They will be good as always and they work hard. We have just got to work harder and improve everyday. This is a day to improve on, too. We have to come to practice and improve and be ready to go out there on Saturday next week.


Is this the real AY, back and ready to go full at 100 percent are you?

You know, I am pretty close. I think I will be able to produce. I am still coming off a surgery so it doesn't feel exactly like the other leg. But I am going to be good enough to get the job done.

It is really not something you worry about, is it?

No, you just go out there and play....make plays. It is not equal to my left leg, I can tell you that right now. I am also coming off a broken leg. It is good enough to get the job done. I am just out there trying to win games. I am not worried if I am 100 percent or not.

Did the one play you made where you were hit in the hole, spun off the defender, and burst into the open field make you feel pretty good?

I have not really had any chance to do any spinning so it felt good to get that going.


Did you really get the chance to break much of a sweat today?

Each play I had the chance to be in there I gave my 100 percent in there. Things happen so we have just got to bounce back next week in practice and get ready to play.

After a catch in the first half you kind of came up limping and were on the sidelines for a few plays. What happened?

I tried to get the defender a stiff arm at the sidelines and he grabbed my facemask and kind of spun me around in an awkward way. My knee got caught up under it. It was a little tweak and I ready to get back on the field and practice.

You have to be a little sore then, right?

Of course I am sore, I just played a football game. We get 24 hours to celebrate and rest. After that we come back to tomorrow and get ready to go.

Did it feel good to get back on the field?

Good, real good. It felt real good to get the feet wet back out there in Kinnick . The fans, man, I love them. They are real authentic and love playing in this stadium.

What did you think about coming out underneath the student section? It seemed like you had about 147 million students yelling for you.

It is going to be real fun this season. Those guys yelling and screaming as we are coming out. It will bring a lot of excitement and get your energy all pumped up. I am looking forward to it.

So, was it the same old Drew Tate getting you the ball?

Same old Drew. Same ole DT, baby. Same old playmaker he is. Does it feel good to get back into the house (end zone) again?

Yes, it really did. It was good getting your feet wet and get some exposure and be ready to go.

Did Jovon (Johnson) give you any of ‘the business' or talk about his touchdown?

I have been ballin him all year. I told him he cannot run the ball anymore. He was talking about as soon as he got the chance to show me he would. Every time he gets a peek he can't score a touchdown. I give my baby boy his credit. He has got some nifty moves out there.

Are you looking forward at all to Iowa State next week?

We have got the 24-hour rule to enjoy the win over Ball State. When we come in on Sunday it is going to be on our minds without a doubt because that is our in-state rival. We played Ball State, and won that game. We are going to celebrate and be smart out there tonight. We are going to come back Monday, Tuesday, and take that field ready to go.

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