Cleveland Enjoys Iowa Win

Baytown Lee (Texas) WR James Cleveland visited Iowa City this weekend on an official recruiting trip. He enjoyed watching Iowa dismantle Ball State 56-0 and though he is not yet ready to make a commitment, the Hawkeyes are still very, very high on his list...

Q: What did you think of seeing your first football game in Iowa City?

James Cleveland: It was really impressive to me. They had a lot of output on offense, but did not really have to work too hard to do it. I was still impressed no matter who they play. It was a packed house and everything. Heck, the fans stuck around most of the game and it was like 50-0. That leaves an impression right there.

Q: Were you fore warned about anything to expect in Iowa? Your coach is from Iowa, you know people who play here - they had to tell you some things.

Cleveland: Well, to be honest, I was only thinking about the football team. I expected great coaching, a big victory, and limited mistakes. The team accomplished that today. They (Iowa) made a few mistakes, but it was the first game so who doesn't?

Q: What are you expecting from your high school team in Baytown, TX this season?

Cleveland: Well, I am expecting for us to make it to the playoffs. Last year, we missed the playoffs for the first time in a long time. I expect we will be back and challenging for a state title. We lost our first game of the season. We committed a lot of errors like penalties and turnovers. Our offensive line is pretty inexperienced, but they will get better. We will correct all of those errors and be back and ready to play next time out.

Q: Which colleges recruiting you are you interested in?

Cleveland: Florida, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and LSU.

Q: You didn't list Iowa.

Cleveland: Iowa is on top of the list, sir. No contest right now at all. Charles Godfrey was my host and he is a great guy. Everyone I met was great. The people around here are Hawkeye crazy.

Q: Are you close to making a commitment to Iowa or anyone?

Cleveland: Well, I haven't committed to Iowa....yet.

Quick Take: From how he spoke I would be almost shocked if he does not commit to Coach Ferentz and the Hawkeyes. The connections here are numerous, and how he talked of Iowa was very respectful and near 'awe-full'.

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