Hoops Recruiting: Cunningham Visits Iowa

While Iowa's football team was entertaining Ball State on Saturday, the Men's basketball team hosted a Kasey Cunningham, a prospect from New Mexico

Q: What do you think of Iowa so far?

Kasey Cunningham: I think that it is great. There is a lot of tradition out here and a lot of spirit in the fans. I think it would be great for football and/or basketball. I like it out here. It's nice.

Q: Did you expect all cornfields and cow pastures?

Cunningham: Well, to put things in perspective, this is only the 3rd time I have been north or east of the western portion of Texas. It is really nice out here which is something that, when you see things on TV, you would not expect. They have great life and people are wonderfully nice. It is more than just the fields of corn. Iowa City is a beautiful city with great atmosphere. I like it. I like Coralville, too. The whole team here is pretty nice, also. So, yeah, you could say I like Iowa. There is a good night life and good student life. I like everything here.

Q: What schools are you interested in?

Cunningham: Oregon, USC, UNLV, and Texas A&M. Of course Iowa is on that list, too.

Q: Talk about Iowa and what makes you want to pursue a college education and college basketball in Iowa City.

Cunningham: Steve Alford, for one. He is a great guy and was a great player. He has made some great changes here to build a strong program. It is a program that will soon be changing its course and be on the upside of Division I hoops. I like the players they have here, and I like the system. They are really open and really flexible with your personality on and off the court. So, yeah, I like Iowa.

Q: Does seeing 71,000 people show up for a football game tell you something about the fan support here?

Cunningham: For 71,000 people to come and watch a football game, especially the first one of the season, that is pretty special. That has left a real good impression on me. Hopefully, I can see 15,500 people in that arena.

Q: So, with that last comment, is that saying Iowa is at the top of your list right now?

Cunningham: Yes, sir. They are at the top right now.

HN REACT: I have never spoken to a student-athlete of any age who is more eloquent and polite as Kasey Cunningham. He truly is a student of the game, which is evidenced by his studying the recent history of Iowa basketball and the tradition of Iowa football.

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