Small Package from Florida Big on Iowa

Dontae Jones Recruiting Update

Q: Is this your first visit to the state of Iowa?

Dontae Jones: Yes, definitely. But, it is a nice place that is for sure. No palm trees, but nice indeed.

Q: What did you expect to see here?

Jones: I thought I might see people cow-tipping or something like that. It is like a real country town here in Iowa City. The people are real nice and supportive of their team. The whole town is all about the football team, so that is good for any kid to see.

Q: Do you know anyone who is a current Hawkeye?

Jones: Ah yeah, I know my man Vernon Jackson. We went to the same high school and played on the same football team. He talks about this place all the time and how great it is.

Q: Speaking of your high school (Orlando, FL - Evans), how did you do in the first game?

Jones: Well, we started out real slow by losing the first game. But we will pick things up and make everything alright. We lost the first game. I had 127 yards on 14 carries and two touchdowns, but that does not matter since we lost. We need to get a rhythm going with the passing game. The running game and defense is going pretty good. We just need to work that passing in there more.

Q: What are schools you are looking at in your recruitment?

Jones: Right now, just Iowa, Iowa State, Colorado State, Florida Atlantic, Central Florida, and Georgia Tech.

Q: Talk a little about some or all of the schools and why the interest you.

Jones: Iowa State: Coach McCarney is a good guy and they have been going to bowl games. That helps them out a lot. Florida Atlantic: They were the first school to offer me so that counts for something. They have a fun offense and I could play right away. UCF: They are about to offer, I think. Had a good game the other night on national TV. So, to see them on TV helps them because I want to play for a school that is on the tube, man. That would be fun. Iowa: The coaches here are awesome. And the fans, man, look at this place (points around the stadium)? Seventy thousand people all still here with the score 35-0 in the second quarter. Who would not love to play here?

Q: Is it fair to say that Iowa is your current leader?

Jones: Right now, there is no doubt. They are at the top. I love Iowa, it is a good school and they have a good team. I am going to love playing here. I mean, I would love to play here.

Q: You said, "I am going to love playing here." Does this mean Iowa has offered and you accepted?

Jones: No, no. I got a bit excited because of the fans. They crazy! I love this place, though, so that is why they are number one for sure on my list. The fans are great, I will say that again. They pretty much got nothing else to do in this state but love their football players. And they love them good. Recruits like me see that and think, "man, this is like football heaven."

HN React: Jones has yet to receive an offer from Iowa, but they wanted him to make a visit to campus and the fact that he came to the River City on his own dime certainly speaks volumes to his interest in the Hawkeyes.

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