Cy-Hawk Week: Greenway/Hodge

Iowa LBs Chad Greenway and Abdul Hodge are preparing for their final game in the Iowa/Iowa State rivalry. Read what they had to say in this premium transcript.

Abdul Hodge
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Q: You guys obviously can't take (the rivalry) too seriously, the hype.

Abdul Hodge: No, you can't take all the hype too seriously. We've got to keep focused, it's just another game. It's another chance for our team to go out and prove we can do some good things on Saturday.

Q: Are there any strategies that Coach Ferentz uses or other coaches use on you guys to kind of keep this in perspective?

Hodge: I don't think they're strategies. Just don't feed into it, don't believe everything you read in the newspaper. I don't think that's a strategy, it's a basic concept.

Q: Last week you came on the blitz a few times, showed some things you didn't do a lot the last few years. Has your line changed this year with a young defensive line?

Hodge: I think the role is pretty much the same, I just need to have to be a better leader out there and leave it up to Norm or the defensive coaches whether they want to blitz or sit back. Our defense is never going to change, we're going to sit back and play our base defense. That's how we've been winning around here. If you throw in some blitzes here and there, that'll be good too.

Q: What are your thoughts on the defensive line, how did they look?

Hodge: Seeing the film, seeing how we played last week, we did good up front. We had a lot of guys playing and starting for the first time. We have to be more prepared this week. This week we're playing a tougher opponent, we can't get too caught up in what we see on film from last week. That team we played is not going to be as good as the team we play on Saturday.

Q: What did you see on film, does anything concern you (with regards to Iowa State)?

Hodge: They're going to be better than we played on Saturday. We know we have a good team, but our first real test will be on Saturday.

Chad Greenway
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Q: (On Iowa State coming back from a deficit)

Chad Greenway: I think that game really showed the type of program Iowa State is and the way they can come back and compete. Everyone in the big 12 has to respect them, and certainly we do too.

Q: Is that a special environment when you go to Jack Trice and see so many Iowa fans in the stadium?

Greenway: It's fun to have that many fans of yours on the road. It's a road game and you don't expect that many fans. When you get that, it's really nice to know that you have that backing. I'm sure it's the same when they come over here, to have some fans when they come here too. It's nice to have an away game almost feel like home.

Q: What do you remember about the last trip out there?

Greenway: I remember we finally beat them after five years. It was my first experience beating Iowa State. It was exciting because we got the trophy back on our side, and that's what it's really all about. To see the way those seniors reacted after that win was really a special thing for a lot of the younger guys to really see what it meant to those guys. Not being an in-state guy it may be a little different for me, but when you come to the program and you're here for this long, you really kind of take the shape of the program. Iowa vs. Iowa State is a great rivalry and I think for us seniors it's our last chance to get the trophy and this year keep it.

Q: Were there enough snaps on Saturday to be ready for Iowa State?

Greenway: Not really looking at the snaps we got on Saturday, but the preparation we got before Saturday, the camp stuff we did, and really the extra conditioning we've been doing. We've been doing so much extra stuff that we feel like we're in really great condition and really ready to go. Only playing a quarter on Saturday really doesn't affect us that much. It was hot, we were out there, I felt great, I know the rest of the defensive players felt great. That was really showing of where we were at conditioning-wise. I think that's early on in the season that's going to win or lose you some games.

Q: Looking at Stevie Hicks, he's a big powerful back, you've gone against him a couple years now, what's he like?

Greenway: He's a special challenge just because he's got great size and can break tackles. He kind of reminds me of a Jermelle Lewis type guy who's extremely powerful, especially in his lower body. I think getting a chance to run with the tailbacks we have on our team, it gives us a good look at what we're going to have. With Shonn Greene, Albert Young, Marcus Schnoors are really well rounded backs and that's helped us prepare for the game because Hicks is such a great back. The same thing with Meyers when he gets out and runs, he's great with it too. It's going to be a challenge.

Q: Do you prepare differently for that?

Greenway: No, you just got to do what you do. We feel like we're a pretty good tackling team, just because of a repetition of doing it over and over again. That's something we try and take pride in over here and try and continued to do.

Q: Iowa State seemed to struggle against Illinois State this week and after the game they said they were going to have to be "the most improved team in America to even compete with you guys." Do you put much stock in the way they played last week?

Greenway: No. Giving credit to Illinois State. In my opinion, Iowa State is one of the best teams in the country just looking at the personnel they have back from last year and the way they played last year. You give credit to Illinois State for going into Ames, which is a tough environment and playing a good team tough. If that's the way the coaches feel over there, they would know better than anybody else. We know they're kind of a sleeping giant over there. I think they could beat a lot of teams and they have so much talent that you can't really discount them in any way.

Q: You expect a more physical football game?

Greenway: Absolutely. We all know, it's not a secret, we're just going to give our best effort, both teams are going to lay it down, that's how it's always been and continue to be. That's why it's a great series.

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