Young Hopes to Finish 'Cy-Hawk' Game This Year

Albert Young went down for the season last year in Iowa's game against Iowa State. Young showed last week that he is healthy and ready to go this year and he talks about that, as well as the hype that surrounds Iowa-Iowa State

Q: Can either team take anything away from last week's tape?

Albert Young: Those guys (Iowa State) know what we are doing, we know what they are doing. We didn't show anything last week, so that is a positive. These two teams are very familiar with each other, so its about execution. We know what is coming on both sides, so it comes down to execution.

Q: Was the transition from practice to a game an easy one?

Young: Yes. We have been going all summer against our defense. We did better on Saturday than we did all camp. We didn't run that well in scrimmages, so that was weird. It felt good to be back out there at game speed.

Q: The big game is coming, so how much hype have you heard around school this week and what do you say about this being Iowa's Super Bowl?

Young: That is more what fans tell you. This is not the Super Bowl; it's the second game of the season. Whatever the fans make it out to be is on them. We didn't have classes yesterday, so I was not around everything and what people are saying. That is a positive. We try to take this as another game. We know the stakes are high, but as a team, we don't look at it as the Super Bowl. This game will not make or break our season. The rest is for the fans

Q: At the same time, this was a game that ended your season last year. Do you take it personal?

Young: There is a little more incentive to be back out there. It's not like ‘oh, it's Iowa State'. If it is anyone, you want to perform. It's not like I am looking at them like they intentionally took me out, but it will be good to finish the game, something I didn't do last year.

Q: How did it feel to get out there last week?

Young: It felt great being out in front of the crowd; that was fun. It was good to get in the game as a unit and having some good memories.

Q: Are you looking forward to a game that really hits you that you are back?

Young: I am not measuring what I did against Ball State. I feel like I am back. My leg is not as strong as my left leg for obvious reasons, having two injuries there, but it is where it needs to be right now and I feel confident about it.

Q: You have never been part of a loss to Iowa State. Do the older guys talk with you about it?

Young: We are in Iowa. You want to be the top team in your state. You don't have to be from Iowa to know that this is a big game. It's built up more than it really is. We are not going in this week going crazy at practice because we are playing Iowa State. We will approach it the same as we did for Ball State, the same way we will for UNI and Ohio State. This is just another ball game.

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