Cy-Hawk Just Another Game to Tate

Iowa quarterback Drew Tate played in his first Cy-Hawk game last year, coming in the second start of his college career. Now with 13 starts under his belt, the gun slinger feels like he is prepared for whatever opponents bring his way.

Q: Will we find out more about you this week?

Drew Tate: Of course. Coach told us on Sunday that this will be a four quarter game. We know that and we know we will get their best shot. It will come down to turnovers and penalties and preparing this week.

Q: Did you get snaps?

Tate: A few.

Q: Were they enough for you?

Tate: I played in this game last year and I have some experience. It would have been nice to keep playing. I have never been out that long in a game before, but I understand why we had to do that and this week will be different. It was good for Jason and Cy to get in there. Those guys did real well and I was happy for them. They prepare during the week just like I do.

Q: Iowa State's defense will be tougher than Ball State, so what new challenges do they pose?

Tate: From all the teams that we played last year, I think Iowa State and Purdue were probably the most complex defenses with the blitzes and safeties, so I know that it will be like that again this week.

Q: Do you like that challenge? You talked last week about wanting to be a coach on the field…do you feel like you are ready?

Tate: I guess. Playing is fun. The atmosphere will be great. We are going to go there, the instate rivalry and everything and it will be a great game to play. I am excited to be a starter on offense.

Q: You guys want to keep this in perspective, how do you it?

Tate: I think preparing during the week and focusing on the task at hand. Doing what you are supposed to do at every position and let the rest take care of itself.

Q: And shut out the stuff on campus stuff with people patting you on the back?

Tate: No one is patting me on the back. We might see or hear some things, but our coaches do a great job of letting us know that we need to take care of ourselves and let the rest be.

Q: Do you put any stock in ISU's game last week?

Tate: I know that they are going to play us different than they played Illinois State.

Q: You know about in state rivalries growing up in Texas.

Tate: Yeah. What are you asking?

Q: What is your experience from Texas with regards to state rivalries?

Tate: In state rival is an in state rival. Last night was a rivalry on TV, with Florida State and Miami. Like coach told us earlier, we are going to get their best shot. We will get their best and they will get our best.

Q: How was your first taste of it last year?

Tate: Honestly, it was just another game. It was like playing Minnesota. It was a must win game for us. We were 1-0 at that time. Every game of the season is a must win game, pretty much. We take the approach that every game is a playoff game.

Q: What are the strengths of the ISU secondary?

Tate: Just how they disguise a lot of things. They hold their ground a while and they have a good scheme. They have good coaches over there that are intense and I think it goes out to the players and they play real hard.

Q: Does it help getting to see them a second year, a second look?

Tate: Not really, it's a different team.

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