Marcus Schnoor Very Familiar with Cy-Hawk Rivalry

Marcus Schnoor knows all about the rivalry between Iowa & Iowa State. He grew up a Hawkeye fan and lived less than 40 minutes from Kinnick Stadium. He enters his last Cy-Hawk game eager to make an impact.

Q: What do you think about this big game?

Marcus Schnoor: This game is all hyped up with the students and stuff like that. But around here, it's not that much different. We come in and watch film and prepare the same way. I am sure that the instate guys have some rivalry deep down, but besides that it's the same.

Q: Is it that big for you?

Schnoor: Yeah, you know I have always been a big Iowa fan and a win against Iowa State, my grandpa played for them and we always talked and argued growing up, so it is big for me.

Q: Your being from small town in Iowa, do you feel that this is the state's Super Bowl?

Schnoor: Yeah, probably. It's ongoing forever. The rivalry is every year and its huge, whether we are rated high, they are rated high and the opposing team isn't. This year, both teams are top 25 teams and it's all hyped up and will be all week. It will be an exciting game.

Q: What of percentage of your offense did you show?

Schnoor: We just showed everything we had in the game plan. We did not hold anything back that was in the game plan.

Q: Do you feel like your perception of this game changed once you played in it?

Schnoor: I think I had a pretty good grasp on it and the rivalry. It's going to be huge. Once you get out on the actual field, the rivalry kind of goes away. Then its Iowa playing against the opponent, it's not different then I guess.

Q: Is there a way to explain this game to the younger guys or do they have to go through it?

Schnoor: I think a lot of the out of state guys have to go through the actual game week and through all the hype about hearing about it to understand how big it is to a lot of people. Some guys from Florida see those rivalries and not think that Iowa-Iowa State is that big. But they find out it is.

Q: When you saw the Iowa State-Illinois State score Saturday night, what ran through your head?

Schnoor: I didn't think much about it. We could have very well come out against Ball State last week and not have done what we did. I know they have a good team and they have been talking about how good their team is all year. I think they had a turnover or two in the red zone which hurt them. The score might have been deceiving a little bit. We know they have a good team and you can't compare scores. You see that throughout the year of different teams playing common opponents.

Q: Is the running back competition ongoing?

Schnoor: Oh yeah. There will be a competition all season. Shonn came out and did well last week and surprised a lot of people. He is going to get more carries than people thought he would. Sam ran well. I didn't run well last week and hopefully I can get that fixed. There will be competition all season and just because you start game one does not mean you will start later. I still have to work every day.

Q: The groundskeeper got you last week?

Schnoor: You can say that, but the groundskeeper didn't get everybody else.

Q: Were you jacked up?

Schnoor: Yeah, I was. I am more of a strider than everyone else and I need to shorten my stride and keep on my feet.

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