B Ferentz: "The sun will rise tomorrow"

Brian Ferentz spoke about Iowa's 23-3 loss to Iowa State on Saturday. Read what he had to say in this premium update.

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Q: It was pretty much a four man effort up front, kind of like you guys last year on the defensive line, they did maybe a few things on third and long.

Brian Ferentz: I think they got real good pressure off that. I think their ends played tremendously. I think they just outplayed us.

Q: You guys made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes, is that the most frustrating thing about today?

Ferentz: Certainly it's frustrating when you make unforced errors, it's hard to live with. The bottom line is, I think we had plenty of other opportunities to get back in the game. By the same token, when we made mistakes, they capitalized it.

Q: Did you ever feel like you were in sync or had anything going?

Ferentz: Yeah, I think when we started the second half we had a pretty good drive put together for a while, then we stalled out on that third and eight I think it was. Then coming back when we fumbled in the red zone I thought we had something good going there too. You don't execute when the chips are on the line, I think we got what we deserve.

Q: What have you learned from last year in the sense of coming off Arizona State?

Ferentz: This is very different. First of all, I think we have a much more veteran ball club right now, and I think what we did today is very uncharacteristic of what we think we're capable of. Whereas last year we really didn't know what we had at that point. I'm not sure what we take away from it at this point until we watch the film tomorrow. It's a long ride home, we've got a lot to think about. The good news is the sun will rise tomorrow, hopefully. We'll get up and watch the tape, we'll make some corrections. I think the good news is a lot of the mistakes we made today are correctable.

Q: Does that make this loss more disappointing than the loss at Arizona State?

Ferentz: Any loss is disappointing. This is especially disappointing because I thought we were prepared to play football. We came out fine, then we started stubbing our toe over and over again. I think that's the most disappointing part of this day is that we were prepared to play a good football game. We started with a pretty decent effort, and we basically continued to shoot ourselves in the foot. Certainly not to take away anything they did because when they needed to, they ran the football. They did all the right things, but what's really frustrating is what we did. You can't control what they did, but we can control what we did.

Q: When you went into halftime and you were down 16-0 did you feel that was a positive?

Ferentz: It's never positive when you're losing by 16 points. It was still a football game. Certainly there was a sense of urgency but there was not panic. When we came out in the second half we started moving the football. I thought all day we'd been able to move the football pretty well, then we'd do something dumb. We moved the football, I thought maybe we'd started to click, then they bowed up and stood their ground.

Q: What does the offensive line need to work on between this week and next week?

Ferentz: I think we need to protect the edges better. I think that's where we get into a lot of trouble, we get pressure off the edge. That's not just the tackle's fault, to the untrained eye it could appear to be. The guys are moving, we can help them. That's the biggest thing, five guys need to improve and help solidify the play.

Q: Is Seth (Olsen) a fixture or was Ben just hurt?

Ferentz: Ben was injured. I couldn't tell you who's a fixture and who's not. I don't think anybody's job is safe after today. Whatever five guys are going to play the game next Saturday, we need to improve.

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