Chad Greenway Postgame Interview

Read what Chad Greenway had to say following Iowa's 23-3 loss to Iowa State in this premium transcript.

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Q: What things did you see that just might have made some differences in the game today?

Chad Greenway: I think they were more ready to play than we were. Every aspect of the game. You couldn't name an aspect or a play where we didn't get beat today. Including myself, I played like a dog. We need to improve, we need to do it fast. It's going to be a similar situation the next couple weeks.

Q: (On mistakes extending a drive they thought to stop)

Greenway: We put ourselves in a situation by not doing the things we normally do. You can't put the game on one play. Maybe took the wind out of our sails for a second because we didn't get the ball back with good field position, but you can't put the game on one play or one person. That's not how we're going to lose and that's not how we're going to win. We're going to come back next week and try to get better.

Q: How does this compare to last year in the sense that you guys had some tough time last year?

Greenway: I think it's a similar situation. We've got to come together and play Iowa football. We didn't do that today, and I think that's apparent. Give the credit to Iowa State today, they came out ready to go. They're obviously a very talented team with a lot of weapons and they shut us down in all aspects today.

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