Jovon Johnson Postgame Interview

Read what Jovon Johnson had to say following Saturday's 23-3 loss to Iowa State in this premium transcript.

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Q: What's your reaction to the game?

Jovon Johnson: They outplayed us. In every aspect out there on the field they outplayed us.

Q: At halftime you were down but you still didn't give up?

Johnson: Yeah, we came in at halftime and we kind of said, "We had them down in 2002, so why couldn't we rally back?" We came out, we had some great defensive plays, we just couldn't get the job done out there tonight.

Q: Did this wear you out, the way they started to run the ball in the 4th quarter, was it just a matter of wearing you down?

Johnson: I wouldn't say they wore us down. I'd rather say they were just overpowering us up front late in the 4th quarter. Sometimes the better team comes out and gets the job done, they did today.

Q: How frustrating is it as a defense on the sidelines to see the mistakes piling up?

Johnson: We don't feel like it's frustration, we feel like if the offense turns the ball over, we've got to go out and make a play. That's what happened, they turned the ball over, we went out. We work together regardless of the situation.

Q: What happened to your hand, an injury in the 2nd half?

Johnson: I just kind of got it rolled up under a pile a little bit. I'm fine, it's just a little sore.

Q: What worked for them today, what was working for Iowa State, what was their go-to play?

Johnson: I really don't know. They had everything clicking for them today as far as I'm concerned. They did what they wanted to.

Q: You guys blitzed a lot today. Was that them forcing your hand to that, or is that the thing you guys wanted to do?

Johnson: We tried to throw a lot of things at them, see what worked for us. They obviously prepare and they reacted to it well. They got the W.

Q: Does the defensive line seem like it kind of did break down in the fourth quarter, is that where your defense needs to improve the most in the next few weeks?

Johnson: I don't know what kind of improvements we need to make right now. I think we need to go look at the film and look at our mistakes and go from there.

Q: You seem pretty inspired, do you think everyone on the team was that inspired coming out or was there a little bit of flatness coming out today?

Johnson: We weren't flat. We came out, we thought we had a good game plan going in, we turned the ball over in the first half. That happens in games, and we just have to bounce back. At the same time, they kept on bringing it at us and they were doing a good job out there. They got the W.

Q: Do you go home, go sleep on this, hopefully wake up in the morning and everything's gone, we start over?

Johnson: We'll watch this one starting tomorrow and go look at the film, make the corrections and then look forward to next week.

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