Olsen: "We didn't pull it off today"

Seth Olsen met with the media briefly following Iowa's 23-3 loss to Iowa State on Saturday. See what Iowa's offensive lineman had to say in this premium transcript.

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Q: Tough one today. Kind of talk about it, what were your feelings?

Seth Olsen: We felt good going into it obviously but they came out firing. We've got to give credit to them, they had a great game.

Q: Were they more aggressive on defense than you thought they'd be?

Olsen: They played a tough game. I don't know if it's more or less aggressive, we'd expect for them to come, no matter what.

Q: So in the pre game talk, there was about them blitzing, bringing a lot. Did they disguise it and bring more?

Olsen: They disguise it pretty well. They didn't really show it as much as we thought they might have. We didn't pull it off today, I guess.

Q: You guys have been in this position before and bounced back. Is that something you can build on?

Olsen: Definitely. Last year we hit a glitch in the road, a couple of times, actually. We ended up having a great season. Even the year before that, when I wasn't here, they lost to Iowa State and wound up having a great year. Anything can happen.

Q: Is it just one of those things...?

Olsen: Bad luck, I don't know. They just played good, and we didn't take care of the ball like we should have.

Q: What was it like playing against Jason Berryman?

Olsen: He's a speed guy, straight up. He won't come at you with much power, but he'll try and run around you, and he's got great speed.

Q: Is that something that worked for him against you, going to the outside with a shoulder dip?

Olsen: The thing that worked for him today, I think, on both sides was his inside move. We expected him to run outside because that's all he does that's his main thing. When he came inside, we weren't expecting that as much.

Q: What was the mood in the huddle the series after Drew had gone out and Jason had gone in?

Olsen: No. Next man in, that's our big motto over there at Iowa. Jason did a great job last week.

Q: Are you frustrated up there with 5 guys, they got most of their pressure up there with 4 guys?

Olsen: There's a little frustration, it's a football game. You're always going to be frustrated when things aren't going your way.

Q: What do you guys, as a unit, what do you need to get better, look at this week?

Olsen: I thought we ran the ball great. We need to work on picking up the games with the defensive linemen, pick up the blitzes. We didn't pick up the pass rush out here today.

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