Tate: Feels Fine, Looks Forward to UNI

Drew Tate left Saturday's game with a few cobweb's rattling around his head. As he met the media on Tuesday, he said that he is not feeling any after effects from the hit that took him out of the game and he looks forward to this week's game.

Q: How are you feeling

Drew Tate: Better.

Q: Better than…

Tate: Better than Saturday.

Q: In retrospect, were you a little goofy, did it affect your more than you thought?

Tate: I don't remember. I got hit pretty good. I remember everything except after the hit. It came back to me before halftime was over with and that is when I showered and went out there.

Q: Have you ever had anything like that before?

Tate: No, that was the first time. Hopefully the last time.

Q: Is this team going to practice with a chip on its shoulder this week?

Tate: I think so. I think we practiced better last year after the Arizona State and Michigan games. I think this will help us out a lot. I think we have a chip on our shoulder now, and that is the best way to play and that is the way we were last year. Yeah, I think we are going to practice a lot better this week.

Q: Coach says the question is how you guys can react. How are you approaching this game?

Tate: I am going to focus on the things I have to and the things I can control. Watch film during the week and practice better and sharper. Concentrate on the little things more and just play. Just play, don't do anything I can't do and help the offense. We have to step it up obviously. We didn't score last week and we have things we have to do offensively and put drives together and limit the turnovers, really.

Q: How much do the rankings affect you? Coach says they should not have them until October.

Tate: We didn't care about the rankings and we still don't. The only thing we can control is how we play this week and the people can pick whoever they want.

Q: How is it to play big games like this? Do you embrace them?

Tate: I guess. I am just looking at it again as another game, us to get better and get ready for the Big Ten.

Q: Is the UNI game coming at right time?

Tate: I would not say they are that easy. I wouldn't say that. They are 2-0 right now and I know they play good. They are multiple on offense and defense. They are going to give us their best shot. They watched the game on Saturday and saw that they are capable of winning, because they have played Iowa State close. So they have a chance to come in there and they will do the best they can.

Q: Have you seen the replay of the hit?

Tate: Yeah. I should have kept my head up.

Q: How are you feeling right now?

Tate: It's fine. I am talking.

Q: Do you have any headaches?

Tate: I never had a headache.

Q: No after affects?

Tate: Nope.

Q: Jason Manson stepped into a tough situation, what is your thought of him?

Tate: He came in and did the best he could. There wasn't much going right when I was in there or when he was in there. It was just one of those days where we could not get it together as a unit. But it's tough to go in there like that and he did the best he could and he didn't quit. That is all you can ask of somebody I think.


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