Young Wants to Forget ISU; Look Forward

Albert Young looks forward to forgetting about the Iowa State game and place all the attention on what is to come.

Q: You must feel decent about the running game.

Albert Young: Yeah. We had some success there for a little bit, so that was a positive. But we don't want to talk about it any more, but it would have been better to get the win.

Q: Coach says you have to move on, is that easier said than done?

Young: Yes, that was an emotional loss we had in a big game. But we have practice today, so our eyes are on UNI right now. That is easier said than done.

Q: He says losses tend to linger.

Young: Definitely. Especially in a game like this. That one hurt so much, so it sticks around a little longer. With wins, you forget about them faster and get to the next one. I think we will be fine and that game will pass.

Q: So it's important to play well on Saturday?

Young: Yes, its important that we practice well today. It all starts today and continues throughout the week, so we definitely have to bounce back and make a statement and show that it was a fluke.

Q: How important is it to have Drew back?

Young: He is our leader and we rally around him. He is somebody we need to have in the lineup to be successful. Not to take anything away from Jason, as he does a great job. But we all know Drew is the guy out here and it's a plus to have him back.

Q: Will you have a chip pm your shoulder this week?

Young: You try to play every game like that. You know coming off of a loss, you are not going to be pleased about anything, so there will be something to prove this week.

Q: Is that a good thing to have?

Young: Yeah, but we take every game like that, like I just said. You don't want to lose to get that feeling. But we will play with extra motivated.

Q: Are you leery playing on this turf one last time?

Young: No. I didn't have any problems with it last game, but I only played the first half. That is not a concern for me. You just watch how you stride and keep your feet under you.

Q: Are you pleased they will change it?

Young: Yes, because it looks pretty bad out there right now. That is something you expect to see in December. So yeah, it will be an improvement.

Q: Does a loss like that help you to not overlook a UNI?

Young: No. We take it one game at a time. We didn't overlook Iowa State. We knew they were going to bring it and we expect the same from UNI. They are a team that flies around, they can run and pass. We are not overlooking anyone. UNI, this is their biggest game of the year.

Q: You said last week that last week's game was not Iowa's Super Bowl and would not make or break…after, how hard to make sure it does not break season.

Young: We have to come out and show you on Saturday. It was not the Super Bowl. There will be bigger games. We just have to move on and forget about this game. I am sure that once I am done with these interviews, I will be able to forget about it.

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