Greenway Motivated by Loss to Iowa State

Chad Greenway is always looking for motivation. He hopes that Saturday's loss to Iowa City will fall into that category.

Q: How is this sitting in your stomach right now?

Chad Greenway: It is not sitting very well. We have to move on and we have a great opponent coming in this week. We have to get back to work. I think it will all start to happen today and getting back on the practice field. I hope that this stays with us and keeps pushing us to improve.

Q: Is there a chance that you could have overlooked UNI if you had won last week?

Greenway: We will not overlook them. They have a very good team, a lot of weapons. They are very explosive and can score points quick. They will be a challenge and we cannot overlook them the way we played last week.

Q: Easier said than done to put it behind you?

Greenway: Yeah, but it's something you have to do. We have nine weeks left that will determine what we do. This loss isn't going to affect the next nine weeks. If we let it, we will keep playing poorly. We learn from it and don't forget it, but put it behind us.

Q: How much confidence do you have in that you have lost early in the season before and responded well?

Greenway: Those were different teams. We have to put our stamp on this team and be our own team this season, and hopefully we can do it like we did the last three years.

Q: They have a lot of weapons in Cedar Falls; what concerns you the most?

Greenway: Just think the way they can score so fast. They have so many weapons outside and Sanders can throw the ball. You compliment that with three great running backs really. Experienced guys that have played before. Obviously they put some big numbers up the last two weeks. It's all pretty scary.

Q: How exactly do you put something behind you?

Greenway: Being a veteran, the way that I play is to not let it affect me. It will sit with me, but hopefully it can have a positive affect, help me focus and hopefully others take it the same way. We have to use it to an advantage.

Q: You have taken negatives into positives. Are there any mental elements to that that you have found to help?

Greenway: I think in this instance, its different. Personally, I have played badly and poorly and you have to build off that. You have to get your confidence back, but if you work hard and do what you can, you will get back on the horse. Just the fact that you can turn something that everyone is against you and make it your advantage by working hard and using that as motivation in your workouts and in practice, the things you are doing to make yourself better.

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