Olsen: 'Found Out About the Home Field Advantage'

Seth Olsen was a spot starter on Saturday for the injured Ben Gates. It was the first start of his Iowa career. He talked about that on Tuesday...

Q: What were the lessons that you learned from Saturday?

Seth Olsen: I learned that the game is a lot tougher when you play a team like Iowa State and things are not given to you. No matter how much you want to study your opponent on film, when you get to the game it's quite a change.

Q: They have Ben Gates as starting this week. You did some things to impress them in camp. Do you think you will be playing more, will there be a rotation?

Olsen: That is something that the coaches will decide. I prepare as a starter every week. That was instilled in me last year by Pete McMahon. You never know…next man in is our mantra around here. That was the case last week.

Q: Watching the film, I know that Coach Ferentz is not a grader, but what are the comments from the coaches?

Olsen: The big one was pass protection. We did some positive things in the running game and there were a few runs on tape that were close to breaking off more long runs, so we are close. It's not anything we can't correct; we just need to keep our fundamentals. When thing are going tough, you have to fall back on those.

Q: What are the differences between blocking in the running game and the passing game?

Olsen: We want to run the ball a lot, and it's built within you from the time you are playing offensive line. Pass blocking is more…finesse. It's night and day differences. Run blocking is more physical and pass blocking you have to be more relaxed and let the defense come at you.

Q: The penalties on Saturday, were they more mental or was ISU doing something?

Olsen: Playing at home, it's not loud on offense, but it was last week. I found out about the home field advantage last week. They got me. Somehow I didn't get that one called against me (false start). We were running on a silent count and I wanted to get out into the pass set because I knew Berryman is a fast rusher.

Q: Do you think Saturday was a step back, or do you look more positively as learning experience?

Olsen: The positive is because I learned some things. Stepping into the Ball State situation and playing a lot, there was not the pressure of performing well or you were going to lose. That is how things were on Saturday. You have to perform to give the team a chance to win. That was a big difference.

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