Chip on Shoulder Suits Johnson Just Fine

Jovon Johnson feels that the team has a chip on its shoulder this week...and that is a good thing, according to him.

Q: How is this loss sitting with you guys right now?

Jovon Johnson: Anytime you play a rival game like that, it is tough to get over within 24 hours. But he has that rule there, whether if it's a win or a loss. At the same time we have to think about the mistakes we made in that game and look to limit those.

Q: There are a lot of weapons up there at UNI. You are going to have your hands full.

Johnson: They look to be a good team. They have good speed overall. They do a lot of things, so it's going to be a challenge for us.

Q: Does this game come at the right time?

Johnson: It does come at the right time. I think that us having a challenge in order to bounce back, it might prove what kind of team we are going to be. Going against a dangerous team like UNI, if we can go out there and take care of business like we need to do, it will show that we can still be a great team?

Q: Have you seen tape of Sanders (UNI QB)?

Johnson: He is a good quarterback, they have fast receivers and running backs. They move around fast, so we are going to have to be at our best.

Q: What is the temperature of the team right now? Are you pissed off?

Johnson: Yes, I would say. A lot of us didn't want to take that loss. A lot of things happened and we lost. At the same time, we can't let it affect the way we play next week.

Q: Can you draw on early season losses that Iowa has had in recent years?

Johnson: Yes. Whenever you have setbacks like that, it gives you the feeling that you can still go on and have a great season, just because you have one loss early doesn't mean the season is over. We are going to look forward to going out and taking on another challenge, because we know we are capable of doing great things this year. Iowa State is a good team, but that loss doesn't mean we can't win the rest of the way.

Q: Is it good to start the rest of the season with a chip on your shoulder?

Johnson: We prepare and play like we have a chip on our shoulder, we are at our best. That chip that we have makes us eager to want to go out and win and play harder. When everyone on the team has that, it's an amazing thing.

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