Allen: "I'm just glad to be out there"

Antwan Allen returned to action Saturday against Iowa State. Read what the Iowa CB had to say about being back on the field and looking forward to UNI in this premium interview.

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Q: How do you bounce back?

Antwan Allen: That's all we can focus on now is UNI. Just watch film and see what we've got to do to make sure we go out there and get a win this week.

Q: How do you get past that part of it? You're a veteran, you've been around sports all your life. Is it tough coming off a game like this, all this passion was involved because it was Iowa State?

Allen: Anytime you lose, no matter who it's to, it's going to affect you. You've just go to move forward. That's the difference between a great team and a team that's not so great. If you're able to move forward from times when things are rough, you're going to have a good chance of having a good team.

Q: Do you see that on a personal level, being back on the field, now you're really embracing that?

Allen: I'm just glad to be out there playing. It's all about that.

Q: How different was it as you went out there, did you sense a real fire?

Allen: The minute I was able to step on the football field again and go out there and practice with those guys, it was just great. Those guys, they embraced me, every day I had communication with them, they just were happy to know that I was back.

Q: You've played a lot of football games, how blessed do you feel that you've been such a big contributor to this program and started so many games?

Allen: I can't even begin to say how glad and thankful I am to have the opportunity that I have. I'm just glad that I still have that opportunity.

Q: How have you grown as a player too? A lot of guys, they stick around 3 or 4 years then they start as a senior, you've kind of grown into the position. What element has that added for you to have on the job learning in real game conditions?

Allen: That's just pure luck. I didn't have really too much to do with that. It was just something that happened.

Q: They saw something in you too, how much does that speak to you that they had so much confidence in you that you've been playing so many games?

Allen: I don't know. It's great for me to know that they had confidence to put me out there on the field. You have to talk to them as to why they did that.

Q: What about UNI, what do you like about them, they throw so many different things, very effective running the ball, spreading it out, things like that?

Allen: UNI, from what I've seen, they look like a very balanced team, different formations to do different things, get different players the ball. It's going to be a challenge.

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