UNI Post Game: Clinton Solomon Q & A

Northern Iowa Post Game: Clinton Solomon

Q: You got a scoring play to start off, what did you think?

Clinton Solomon: It was a tremendous way to come off a loss like we did last week. It was time to step up and play the game that we did today. Drew (Tate) played real good. The O-line blocked real good...and we just executed real good.

Q: What did you learn about your team? After three games, where DO you stand?

Solomon: Today, our main goal was ball security. I mean, we talked about that all week, and that was the three goals from Coach (Ken) O'Keefe. Last week, against Iowa State, we turned the ball over quite a bit. This week our main focus was securing the ball, keeping from turning it over, and gaining some turnovers on defense.

Q: Did you succeed in your plan even though Iowa fumbled the ball a couple of times, though you recovered them? Is there room for work?

Solomon: Yeah, there is always room for work, no matter what (happens), on every aspect of the game. We just gotta step it up because next week we are going into Columbus (Ohio) and it ain't going to be an easy trail.

Q: What were the three goals again?

Solomon: Ball security, ball security, ball security.

Q: Why was the passing game so much more effective?

Solomon: Our running helped us out a lot. We did a great job blocking the DB's downfield as receivers and that opened up the passing game and play action a lot. Our running game is going to help us out a lot with the passing game.

Q: Do you really know what kind of team you are at this point?

Solomon: We are still looking for it, but we are coming together right now. We are going to find out real soon because the real season is going to start soon - and we've got to get ready.

Q: Talk about you touchdown receptions a little bit. First, talk about the long one (71 yards).

Solomon: Is was off of play action. Like I said, our running game is going to help us out a lot. The safety bit down real hard on the play action. Then Drew gave a good head fake and the corner played so far off I thought he thought I was running a ‘go' route. So, I gave him a move to the outside and went back inside and Drew put the ball in a perfect spot.

Q: Is this team ready for the Big Ten now?

Solomon: We have no choice but to get ready. It is next weekend so we have to get ready and take strides everyday in practicing hard.

Q: Did you think your height advantage helped you out a little today?

Solomon: My arm length helped me out a lot with the stiff arms. I did not really go for a lot of jump balls today. Drew just put the ball in a perfect spot so I just had to get my hands out. I did not even use my height too much, but my arms helped me out a lot.

Q: You were open a few times at Iowa State, but they were just not able to get you the ball. Is this a direct opposite, or?

Solomon: It was just one of those days in the Iowa State game. We put that behind us. It was just one of those days where we were flat on the field. I mean, we put that behind us and made strides this week.

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