UNI Post Game: Albert Young Q & A

Northern Iowa Post game interview with Albert Young

Q: Welcome back to the winning column - what does that feel like?

Albert Young: It feels good. After the upsetting game last week, just to get back on track. The best medicine for a loss like that is to get a win. It is just good that we came out and got that.

Q: You seemed to get on track early, and often, what did you see out there?

Young: My offensive line got on track early and often. They were up there opening things up. Anyone could have ran through them, any of the backs - and I sure some people in the stands could have run through those holes. Much credit goes out the them and my fullbacks, Champ Davis and Tom Busch. Those guys were out there just opening things up. They made my job easy. I don't think there were any plays I didn't see any holes. Those guys did great and most, actually all, of the credit should go to them because I got the easy part.

Q: From what you guys saw today, do you thing you are ready for Ohio State?

Young: Um, it is hard to judge. The Big Ten, it could be any team in the Big Ten, and you just know the stakes are going to be higher. We definitely played better than last week. The objective is to improve from week to week. So, we know that we improved today and we are going to see on Saturday.

Q: You scored some touchdowns. That has got to make you feel happy to see the endzone a couple of times.

Young: Ah yeah. There is nothin like scoring. Just being in a game, and in the flow of things. I cannot comment on my o-line enough. Those guys did an unbelievable job. I mean that, my job was easy out there today.

Q: Did the coaches say that they are confident with the offensive line play going into the Big Ten season?

Young: We really do not have that much time to talk after the game. I am sure we will get on to that tomorrow. We had a good day running, but you go to the film to see where you are really having problems. As a running back, I see those guys doing great. If they keep blocking like that, I think the running game is going to be there.

Q: Is this team ready to get into the BT season?

Young: Yes, we have played three big ball games. We have been high, already, and know what is like to be low. We know what it is like to be down low, and we do not want that feeling again.

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