Greene, King & Davis Talk UNI Win

Post game quotes from Northern Iowa

Q: A Hawkeye victory today gets you back to the win column. How does that feel?

Mitch King: Great, you know that every "W" is a great feeling. Even if it is good, bad, or ugly it is a great feeling.

Q: You talk about the good, bad, and the ugly. Does giving up a lot of yards disappoint you at all even in a win?

King: It has got to. Any team that gives up a lot of yards has got to be disappoint. Tomorrow, we have got a lot of fixing to do. We will watch some

Q: tapes and be ready for the Big Ten.

King: So you think the Hawks are ready to get after it starting next weekend with the first game of the Big Ten

Q: We are going to have to be, you know.

King: What helped you be successful out there as an individual today?

Q: I was just trying to read my keys, you know. Coach told me it was a work in progress and take it one play at a time. I don't think it was an individual

King: effort today. I was just trying to help my team win. I tried doing what I had to do to help our team win.

Q: What was going through you head when you went out there, starting, in the second half?

King: It was an exciting time. Every kid always dreams of being a Hawkeye and being on the field. I just am trying to fulfill that dream.

Shonn Greene p>Q: Talk about getting carries today and getting back on the field.

Shonn Greene: It was good. Getting back on the field, you know, but we have a couple of good running backs who all got a chance to get on the field. That was a good thing.

Q: How quickly did you feel faint about putting the ball on the floor again?

Greene: Um, I mean I felt it quick but you have got to put that behind you. You can't dwell on it. You are not going to perform at your best if you do that.

Q: If it happens, then it happens. You just got to forget about it and keep playing hard.

Greene: How do you put that past you?

Q: Basically, for me, I had to go back out there. So, I said to go back out there and play as hard as I can. I want to put the ball away and go on from

Greene: there.

Q: Did it feel good just to get a little bit of work?

Greene: Albert Young got a lot of carries and did a good job. Then you come in with me, then you come in with Marcus (Schnoor), then Damian Sims. I think we all did a good job and ran hard. The line did a good job for us, as you can see, and we had a lot of rushing yards. The line did their job.

Calvin Davis

Q: The Hawks get back into the victory column today - talk about that a little bit.

Calvin Davis: We needed that just to get back on track and get some confidence back. It will lead us into a good week practice and get us ready to go into the Big Ten season.

Q: You had a couple of great catches. Was it a product of Drew getting you the ball or did you see some openings against the defensive backs today?

Davis: No, it was just more or less doing my job. One of them was a break, so it was just going out and executing the plays and finish the play.

Q: Talk about your catch that you had to go up (in the air) to get.

Davis: It was actually a deep ball and Drew read it. He threw a good ball and I just finished it. It was nothing special.

Q: So, Drew did not hang you out or anything - and he wouldn't do that purposely, right?

Davis: Oh no, oh no. Maybe if I would have gotten hit. But, naw, it was just a good ball.

Q: The Big Ten season starts next weekend. Are the Hawkeyes ready for this?

Davis: I think so. We have got a week to improve and keep getting better. With executing, I think we did a better job of that today as far as finishing plays. We are just looking forward to getting that (the BT season) started.

Q: Did seeing number five (Drew Tate) back on the field give you guys on offense some confidence?

Davis: Definitely, because we know he is going to be out there most of the time. Everyone just needed to get back rollin. Practice. Games. Just getting those reps and executing is going to help out that much more.

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