Greenway: Win at OSU Would be a Boost

Senior LB didn't feel like he played like the Big Ten's Defensive Player of the Week

Q: Do you take any confidence away from beating them last year?

Chad Greenway: It gives us confidence, but we still have to go over there. This is a new team and a new year.

Q: Do you think they looked at UNI tape and saw some of UNI's receivers wide open?

Greenway: I am sure that is something they saw.

Q: You will need to shore those things up.

Greenway: Yeah, you always want to correct mistakes. You try to take care of that on Sunday and then you build off of that and prepare for the next week and that is what we are going to do. But when you have receivers getting off, there are problems.

Q: How does their offense look to you?

Greenway: Pretty explosive. They have the names that you have heard. Ginn, Holmes and Smith are incredible athletes and can kill you any way. Anything Ginn touches the ball, it could be a touchdown, and that is a scary thought,. I think UNI was a great team to have before this week, because they have a similar type of offense. They are explosive, too with great athletes everywhere, and that is the same type of a shell of offense.

Q: Kirk was saying this is a team searching for its identity. Is this the kind of game where the character stands out and you can find that identity?

Greenway: I think so. Hopefully we have learned from what happened a few weeks ago and have built last week. Character is built in practice and in the weight room and the things you do away from the field. That is the approach we have taken, but we have not found our identity yet and keep looking for who we are.

Q: Is it special to go over there?

Greenway: Anytime you go over there and play, it is a special experience, a special challenge because they are great and it's a great place. It will be tough to win there and we have to go there with our best game and be consistent and really limit our mistakes, otherwise that can kill us.

Q: As a team, Iowa has not won there since 1991…do you think about that?

Greenway: I don't think about it. This is another game, it's the next game and that is w hat we are looking at and preparing for. Anything you go over there, it's a great place and you have a challenge. It will be fun and I don't think we take heed in the fact that we are 1-1 against them, or 0-1 over there as of late.

Q: What you think about their LB's?

Greenway: They are very good. They are all good athletes and I have a great deal of respect for them due to how they play.

Q: Who is the best of the three?

Greenway: I don't know. We don't watch them that much. I think they are all pretty good and they can hurt you in different ways. I think maybe Hawk gets talked about the most, but the other guys are on the same scale with their ability to play.

Q: Is it fun to play in a game where you will be compared with the other team's linebackers?

Greenway: It's fun. It is healthy competition and its why you play. We won't be on the field together at the same time. I think we need to worry about their wide outs more than their linebackers.

Q: What would it mean to go there and come out with a win?

Greenway: I would be huge for this team's confidence to go over there and get a win and know that we can go on the road and get the job done. We are 0-1 in that aspect right now, and we didn't show much maturity at Iowa State; we had a lot of mental breakdowns that we don't normally have. It's another challenge.

Q: Where is the team's confidence at?

Greenway: I don't think it as high as it could be, or low as it could be; somewhere in the middle. Confidence is built by being comfortable in what you are doing and being on the same page with everyone, and we have to build that.

Q: What did you think of the conference honor (Greenway was this week's Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week)

Greenway: Anytime you are recognized, it's special. I don't think I played like the defensive player of the week, but I guess they may not have watched the film. But it is special and someday I will look back at that and not remember the touchdown I gave up and just remember the award.

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