Hodge: Big Ten Full of Good Linebackers

Abdul Hodge not buying into the pomp and circumstance of Iowa and Ohio State's linebacker corps'

Q: Have you been doing more blitzing this year?

Abdul Hodge: I have seen that we have been doing more blitzing. I don't know what the reason for that is, but we have been doing more this year.

Q: Do you think that is what Norm likes to do?

Hodge: I don't know. In the past we have not been a blitzing team, but now we are coming at them a lot. It's not just because of us, there are opportunities that other teams present.

Q: Has it been as effective as it needs to be?

Hodge: It has been effective. We still can improve, especially in communication and keeping errors down.

Q: You lost some guys like George Eshareturi, Teraz McCray from a few recruiting classes ago. How much would one of those guys, 280-290 pound guys, have helped?

Hodge: I don't know. I have not played behind George in a game or McCray. So I don't know what they are capable. We are confident in the guys that we have up front. We have a good group. They are young, but they listen and work hard, and when you have that, you have something good.

Q: Do you get caught up in the linebacker hype?

Hodge: It has been going on since we started last year. It's the same thing. Every year we have done well, you always hear talk about who has the better linebackers. Our focus is to come out and prepare each week and go out and hopefully try to win the game.

Q: What is the identity of this team?

Hodge: We don't know. Coach Ferentz told us that we are still trying to find that. We have a lot of people willing to work hard and improve.

Q: What does it take to find it?

Hodge: Just time. Week in and week out. You can't rush things, it will take some time.

Q: Does going against another great linebacking corps make you want to elevate your game?

Hodge: No. We don't compare them and we don't play them. There are a lot of good linebackers in this conference; Northwestern, Ohio State. You can't really focus on other people and what they are doing. Our focus is to get better within our system and the guys that we have.

Q: Do you wish you knew what scouts were saying?

Hodge: No. I have been playing for a long time, and other's expectations don't matter to me.

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