Merrick: "This is what you play for"

Miguel Merrick talks about preparing to play at Ohio Stadium in this premium interview transcript.

Q: What do you think you've gotten out of the blitz thus far?

Miguel Merrick: With this blitz, you just put added pressure on the quarterback.

Q: Have you gotten enough out of it, you think?

Merrick: I don't think we have. When you blitz you're always trying to get a sack or force an interception or something, and we haven't done that yet. We're always trying to improve.

Q: Ohio State's got a couple of thoroughbred receivers. How do you prepare for them, do you do anything differently, do you have to keep track of them every play?

Merrick: You definitely have to keep track of both of them each play when you have two burners like that. We're not going to change our game plan or anything, but we have to definitely be aware of where they are and what they're doing.

Q: How much have you heard about them, just watching ESPN, something like that?

Merrick: When you've got a guy who's listed for the Heisman, you're always going to hear about them.

Q: Is it fun to play against guys like that?

Merrick: It's always fun. It's a big game, this is what you play college football for, this is what you dream of.

Q: Are you happy with the way the secondary is communicating and meshing together back there?

Merrick: I wouldn't say we're happy. We need to really take some big steps forward and we need to keep improving.

Q: Are you concerned about guys running open in the secondary? That seemed to be a problem last game.

Merrick: Whenever you are in the secondary, there's a chance the other team might catch a big pass, but you just have to forget about it. But yes, we are definitely concerned about it and that's not something we want to happen.

Q: Is it just communication that's just kind of broken down?

Merrick: It's a little bit of everything, we've just got to tie the loose ends together.

Q: How much of that is reaction vs. anticipation, combination of both?

Merrick: Mental errors, just typical things.

Q: Was it a tough adjustment when Marcus (Paschal) goes out and Charles (Godfrey) comes in?

Merrick: No, definitely not. Charles came in, he did a great job, he's a phenomenal athlete, he's one of the better athletes in the program, and he did a great job on Saturday.

Q: Do you think Ohio State will have any extra zip because of what you guys did to them last year?

Merrick: I'm assuming they will. They're at home, we haven't beat them there in a pretty long time. We're pretty sure they're going to have a big chip on their shoulder.

Q: How about you though, you obviously have all the respect in the world for them, a quality program, but you don't walk in there with concern or any fear, you're amped up about this one, aren't you?

Merrick: Like I said, this is what you live for, you want to play in big games like this, at the horseshoe. You just got to go out there and just have fun, you know?

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