Kyle Schlicher Interview

Kyle Schlicher met with the media briefly Tuesday afternoon. Read what the kicker has to say about dealing with a dangerous pair of return men this week at Ohio State.

Q: (On not winning at Ohio Stadium since 1991)

Kyle Schlicher: Streaks like that, we just try to, you know, take each week, one game at a time. It doesn't matter if it's Ohio State, at Ohio State, or Indiana here or at Indiana. It doesn't matter what it is. The tradition, the winning streak, whatever. We prepare the same way, we know it's a big game, but we approach every game the same way.

Q: How similar are these two teams. It seems like almost in every way, not just the linebackers, but the young, good kickers, it's almost down to everything.

Schlicher: Being a kicker, I haven't had a lot of time to really look at any other position, but from what I've heard they have brought back a lot of the guys that they had last year. Looking at the kickers Josh Huston, or Houston, or whatever his name is, he's a sixth-year senior, we haven't really heard much about him, but he's doing really well right now. We're going to have to stop him every way possible, a field goal block, whatever, a kickoff return, that kind of things. As far as matching up the teams skill-wise, I couldn't really do that.

Q: It seems like you get into these games, you get into the conference schedule, is there a little more too it, do you get a little more excited when you get into these conference games? Sometimes these are more likely to come down to a field goal in these games?

Schlicher: Yeah. That's what this whole conference play is, this is what we all really look forward to. I would consider these first three games as getting ready for the conference play. Any time, whether it's Ohio State or Indianan or any other team, any time it's the beginning of conference play, or conference play at all, I think the level of competition steps up, but also our attitude towards that. Our attitude towards preparing for things, just getting ready for the game.

Q: How old were you in 1987 (when Iowa beat Ohio State in Columbus)?

Schlicher: 87? I was four years old.

Q: You probably don't remember it at all, do you?

Schlicher: I was a soccer freak back then. I was a soccer freak up until my freshman year of high school. I probably couldn't have told you where the Iowa Hawkeyes were in the state of Iowa.

Q: Talk a little about as a kicker, what does it add to have Ted Ginn there, or Santonio Holmes?

Schlicher: I haven't heard much about him, other than he's a great return specialist. All I can tell you is that as a kickoff team, all we can do is pretty much kick the ball away from him.

Q: How do you do that? Everybody could try and do that.

Schlicher: I'd like to kick the ball through the end zone every time, that's been something that I'll always be working on. I've been doing a pretty good job of doing that, but as far as kickoff coverage unit, we've practiced not necessarily keeping the ball away from those guys, but as far as placement, hang time, just kicking the ball as far, deep, and as high as I possibly can to get that coverage team down there to pin them deep inside the 15.

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