OSU Quotes: Greenway, Kroul

Two of Iowa's front 7 speak in this premium quote package.

Chad Greenway

Chad Greenway: You can't really put it on one person, it's just everybody, everybody took part in this loss.

Q: Their line just handled you guys?

Greenway: I don't know if they handled us, we were in there fighting, scrapping, playing hard, but we just have to keep working on getting better.

Q: As a senior, how do you guys rally the troops?

Greenway: The only thing you can do is go back and control what you control on the practice field, get our first Big Ten win next week hopefully. We're back home in Kinnick, and that's where we feel more comfortable, I think, right now. I think that will maybe help us get some confidence with that first Big Ten win. Get back on the practice field and keep practicing hard, do the things we do best.

Q: The fact is, there's a lot of season left.

Greenway: We've got a lot of season left, we were in this point last year and you see how we kind of rebounded. It's a different team, you have different guys playing rolls and you have (different) guys playing. It's a different group of guys, we need to keep fighting, keep playing, controlling what we can control out there as players.

Q: You mentioned you're used to defending third receivers in the package that you have. Is (Ohio State's third receiver) better than most team's (third receiver)?

Greenway: I don't know if it's better than most teams, but he's good, he's a very good player. He's out there, I don't know how many catches he had today, but he played well, he played hard. Any time you get to play Ohio State it's an honor, but at the same time you know they've got a lot to talented guys over there and it's going to hard to defend. He may be better than the 3rd receivers other guys have. I don't know, we'll see.

Matt Kroul

Q: It seemed like you guys are starting slow for some reason this year, at least in ISU and this game, on the road. Is there something you can point to for that?

Matt Kroul: I don't think it really is. You've got to come to play every play and every time you come into a stadium that's not yours you've got to step it up an extra level.

Q: It seems like you guys have beaten up some teams that you were playing now on the road. ISU you beat last year, Ohio State you beat last year. Do you guys feel like you're at the right intensity level at the beginning of the games? These guys are getting fired up to get you back.

Kroul: We think we are. Coach pointed out fundamentals. We're excited, but you've just got to do things right, and some things we're not doing right we've just got to get it done.

Q: They were going right at the middle of your defense today, at least initially, with their run. What are teams doing to attack you guys that way?

Kroul: Nothing, really. We've just got to get off our blocks, push back, and step up, push the o-linemen back. Some plays we weren't getting that done.

Q: How much do you take upon yourself being in there, in the middle of that defense?

Kroul: It works on you. You've got to keep pushing in practice every day and keep pushing every game and play every play, you can't take a play off. You see what happens when you do and you don't want that to happen.

Q: Does it seem like you guys are having good practices?

Kroul: This week we had better practices. We thought we improved, and we didn't get some things done. We think we're improving, we just need to keep pushing and see what we can do next week.

Q: It's a crucial point, you guys lost pretty bad today, you've got to roll it out again next week and get this thing going.

Kroul: That's what we try and do at Iowa. We'll just try and put this one behind us and watch film tomorrow, then get going on Monday on the next team, try and get this first win in the Big Ten. That's pretty much our goal right now, to get that next win in the Big Ten and just go from there.

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