OSU Quotes: Hinkel, Young

Ed Hinkel and Albert Young talk about the offensive struggles experienced against Ohio State in this premium quote package.

Ed Hinkel

Ed Hinkel: Protection, catching the ball, throwing the ball, we've got a lot of problems we've got to fix.

Q: Is it more of a mystery, the fact that you've got almost the same starting lineup that you beat these guys with last year?

Hinkel: Not really, it's a different year. Yeah, there were a lot of the same guys out there on the field, but there's a different level of experience from both sides. What, they have their whole defense back, and they're good players. They did a good job of shutting us down today.

Q: Are you seeing things in practice? Are the practices fluid, just not working on game day?

Hinkel: We had a good week of practice this week. We were ready coming in here, we were ready to go, there was no question about that. We can always get better and we will get better, there's too much leadership on this team for us not to get better. We're going to get it turned around here.

Q: As one of the leaders, do you say something to Drew when he spikes the ball like that?

Hinkel: I think Coach (Ferentz) grabbed him after that one.

Q: Probably everybody felt like spiking the ball though.

Hinkel: It's tough, it gets frustrating, but you've got to keep your head out there. It almost cost us three points, we can't do that, we can't take points off the board.

Q: You were at this point last year, you were 2-2, but it seemed like in the Michigan game, you saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Do you see anything right now?

Hinkel: I think maybe the one positive that could possibly come out of this is that we had a better week of practice. That's one thing that we stress. We practice how we play. We had a good week of practice, but for some reason it didn't show up on the game today.

Q: You had a good punter.

Hinkel: Andy (Fenstermaker) did a great job today. He's one of the things that did go good today. They gave up one, but it got called back. Those guys did a good job, kickoff and punt team shut those two guys down.

Q: Is it an intensity level thing too? You guys have beat a lot of these teams in the last several years, they've been coming out pretty intense to start and you guys are slower in starting.

Hinkel: I guess it's always been kind of our trademark to start fast and for some reason we haven't been doing it so far this year. We've got to get it turned around and hopefully we can get it going a little better.

Albert Young

Q: There was a 'missing ingredient', what do you think it is? You've got all the stuff there, but it's not getting mixed up right or something, what do you think it is?

Albert Young: It's hard to point out. You want to get the running game established, get that established, and then our defense did put us in good field position, gave us opportunities. They came back and countered with a good play themselves, just couldn't use that good field position. We made some mistakes and that's the way it is when you play a team like this, they're going to take advantage of everything you mess up. What are you gonna say?

Q: Before the game, people talked about last year's beating by Iowa at Kinnick. In retrospect, do you think that really was a motivational thing for them?

Young: I don't think that was necessary for them to look at last year's game. A program like them, they expect to win every time they go out to play regardless of who it is they're up against. I don't know that they're looking at the revenge factor. I don't remember what the score was last year, but I'm sure it was the exact opposite of what it was. I don't think they're looking at it for revenge, they just look at it as another big game. They showed up.

Q: Where do you go from here, how do you get this back?

Young: We go on, go up from what happened today. Our team M.O. is improvement, improvement. The same old thing, and I guess you guys are getting tired of hearing it, but we're going to watch the film tomorrow, watch where we made mistakes, and we're back at home next weekend. We've got to come back and try and get a Big Ten win.

Q: Is a loss like this more frustrating than two weeks ago with the turnovers?

Young: No. Two weeks ago, we beat ourselves completely with turnovers. Today, we didn't have any turnovers today, did we? You guys would know better than I did.

Q: One interception.

Young: One interception, but the game was well decided by then. For the most part, we didn't have any turnovers. They just played a great game today. We did mess up on some assignment things, just picking up things, but if you look back at two weeks ago, we just didn't give ourselves a chance at all. Today we had a chance, the defense put us in position to make plays, we wouldn't bail those guys out. Their offense was driving too, everything was a team effort. Offense wasn't doing great, defense wasn't doing great. That's just the way it is.

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