Schlicher, Special Teams Doing Their Part

Kyle Schlicher is perfect this year; 14-14 on PAT's and he has not missed a field goal, including his 52-yard attempt last week at Ohio State

Q: What is your take on how the fans are reacting to Iowa being 2-2?

Kyle Schlicher: They want to see us succeed, and we want to. When we are not, they are going to be upset like we are upset.

Q: You are in an identical position from a year ago, with regards to the record. But f or some reason, it feels different; can you explain?

Schlicher: I think it feels different because we came off such a big high, such a great season last year. It started out a little bit the same last year as far as the record. At this time last year, we felt the same way as a team. Kind of knowing how bad two losses were right away, we didn't know how to handle that. But as far as approaching it and coming back, I think we approach it the same way preparing for the next game. Coach Ferentz does a great job in telling us to flush it out and leave it behind us and move on to the next one.

Q: It has to be impossible for a team 0-2 in league to win a big ten title, so this week almost and every week are must wins?

Schlicher: Yeah, basically. But winning the Big Ten is not something we are thinking about that right now. We need to play better football. As you have seen the past few weeks. The overall goal is always a title, but right now the goal is just to improve and get to the point where we are playing consistent football each week.

Q: Andy Fenstermaker is doing well, how do you think he did this week?

Schlicher: I didn't even know that he was chosen to start until he got the first two. I asked our snapper when this happened, when was I informed of this? Not that I have to be, but things are happening that I didn't know about (laughs). The thing about Andy and John, from my point of view, I get to sit back and watch. They are best friends, they hang out with each other. I talked to Fence about that we both agree that if it were he or John, they both can get the job done just as well. I really can't tell you how the decision process went about, but the only thing I can say is I trust the coaches decisions. I just hope there is no bitterness that develops.

Q: You always hear how vital special teams are. You performed pretty well in the two losses, but you have not been in a position a difference.

Schlicher: Our job, like anyone else, is to just perform at our best. Special teams is a position where you either spark, help out, etc. When we were down at Iowa State and Ohio State, we were trying to spark something, try to get something going. I think we did. We put some points on the board and created good field position. But as far as just me saying we did a good job, I don't want to be selfish like that.

Q: When is the last time you stepped onto the field in the closing moments with a chance to win a game with a kick?

Schlicher: My senior year against Southeast Polk, I kicked three field goals and the last one was a 54-yarder to clinch it. Something like that is what I look forward to; it's what you practice for. If something like that came up, I don't approach it any differently than kicking an extra point. It should all be the same.

Q: Do you dream about it?

Schlicher: Oh yeah. That is the joy of being a kicker, to save the day.

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