Tate: 'We need to do the things we are great at'

Drew Tate takes question from the media regarding his spiking the ball on Saturday and what the teams needs to do going forward

Q: Could a win against Illinois turn this team's emotions around?

Drew Tate: It could. I think last year when we beat Michigan State here after Michigan, that turned things around. So I think it might just take one game to get everyone going. Hopefully it will and hopefully we win the game.

Q: What did coach Ferentz say to you after Saturday?

Tate: We didn't talk on Saturday. It wasn't that we didn't want to, we just got on the plane and I did not sit by him and I left when I got off the bus. We talked yesterday. We talked a lot about everything. Dealing with the program, what I can control, things like that.

Q: Is it done and over with, what happened Saturday?

Tate: We are moving on, we have another game.

Q: Coach Ferentz doesn't run too far with either end of emotions

Tate: I don't think that he can afford to, given his status. Things happen and you have to move on. That is what makes him a successful coach.

Q: Have any teammates talk with you about spiking ball?

Tate: Nope.

Q: Talk a little bit about the offensive; do you shrink the playbook?

Tate: I don't know, but that is what we did last year. Our playbook got a lot smaller, we started to worry about the things that we could control and be great at the things we could do.

Q: How much did playbook expand this year?

Tate: Not much, really. I might be talking crazy, but I just think that we need to be great at the things we can be. That includes me. It starts with me, as I have the ball every snap.

Q: Does it have a lot to do with teams you are playing?

Tate: It's like it was last year, Michigan State. We had a really good practice week, we got back to Kinnick and had the off week, we caught Ohio State on a down spin. We got lucky in that aspect. If we win Saturday, it might spark something and it might not. I just want to worry about winning right now.

Q: How big is the winning streak at home for you guys?

Tate: I don't know. It may be to some people. I was not here in the 20's or here in 2002, I didn't play much in 2003. I just started playing last year. It's big to me knowing that every time we go into Kinnick, we have the edge.

Q: What do you need Saturday to feel good?

Tate: Just win and play well in all areas.

Q: That simple?

Tate: Yeah, it's pretty simple, but it's hard to do sometime?

Q: Do you feel a bandwagon effect going on? Fans, media students, everyone loved you before the year, but now there is criticism?

Tate: Yup. I hear there are problems here or there, then let's just start winning and there will not be problems. Its how it is and how people are.

Q: Fans perceptions can be based on what they see on TV, which can be different off field. Do fans perceptions of you guys bother you?

Tate: Not really, because they are not playing. I don't really care. They buy the tickets, and they can do what they want. The only people I worry about are my teammates, that is all I need to worry about.

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