Young Still Believes in the Iowa Offense

Albert Young believes things are still in front of this Iowa team.

Q: Coach talks about 24 hour rule, is it harder to put this one behind you?

Albert Young: It's like that with all losses. It's easier to forget about a win and put that behind. The rule is in effect and once I am done here I can put that in the past and move on.

Q: The Ohio State and Iowa State games raise a lot of questions regarding what this team can do the rest of this year?

Young: No. Being on the offensive side of the ball, I see the potential we have. We are just not finishing things right now. It's there, you can see that it's there, but we are not following through with everything. I still have confidence in the offense and that we can do some positive things.

Q: When you have a fiery competitor like Drew, part of that makes him a great player, but do you have to draw a line between fire and letting emotions get the best of you?

Young: Yeah. I guess you are referring to that one incident on the field. Drew is an intense guy. Everyone on the team has to control his emotions at times, but you don't want to take your edge away so you don't want people not being themselves. We will learn from that and move on.

Q: How do you keep from letting your emotions get the best of you?

Young: Football is a game where you cannot lose your composure. You have to be calm whether you win by a lot or whether you are losing. I don't have a problem with that. You just move on and stay positive and look forward to the next snap.

Q: You have a 20 game home winning streak going on. Do you think about defending Kinnick?

Young: Most of the credit goes to the crowd. Our crowd is a big deal. I am sure that a lot of players feel that way, and it's a tough place to play. We don't think about it all the time, but we know there is a streak going on and we will try to do our best to make it 21. Winning at home is one of our first priorities. Right now we have a good thing going here and we want to keep that going.

Q: Was it something that ISU and OSU did to you to be more effective or are they just better?

Young: One game, we beat ourselves completely. Iowa State is a good team, but we didn't even give ourselves a chance with five turnovers. On the other hand at Ohio State, I would just say that we had opportunities to make things happen, but they were just a better team that day and we got what we deserved.

Q: You can't win a Big 10 title this week, but it's possible to lose it going 0-2?

Young: I don't know about that, because this is a very competitive conference and we beat up on each other. For someone to go undefeated in this league, that is tough. Having two losses puts you in a deep hole to work out of, so this is a critical game and we have to get back on a winning track.

Q: After at game like Saturday, how do you guard against negativity seeping in?

Young: I don't see that with these guys. We are all pushing. Nothing has changed, guys want to win. I don't think anyone will be negative around here. You guys here and I am sure the cliché is we are looking to improve. That is how we are, and we will continue doing that today and prepare for Illinois.

Q: Emotions turn on a dime with a win or a loss. A win this weekend could turn everyone around.

Young: The people we are concerned about are on the team. People on the outside will have their opinions, and that is the way it is with football. One minute you are great, then you lose then you are the worst team in America. We have to worry about the guys on our team, this whole staff has to worry about ourselves and we can't worry about outsiders because we are the ones playing and we know what it takes to win a game.

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