Hinkel: "We're moving forward"

Senior WR Ed Hinkel has been on the team for all of the 20 consecutive wins in Kinnick Stadium. Read what he has to say about continuing that streak, preparing for Illinois, and Drew Tate's emotions in this premium interview transcript.

Q: New week, ready to go?

Ed Hinkel: Yeah, we're moving forward, we've already started on the tapes, we're ready to go for Illinois.

Q: What's the attitude of the team, everybody a little frustrated from last week, ready to take it out on somebody?

Hinkel: Yeah, I think there was a little frustration throughout the game last week. We're moving on, we've watched the tape, now we've got to get ready for Illinois.

Q: Part of what makes Drew (Tate) such a great player is his competitive fire. How does a fiery competitive player like that draw the line between being that way and letting his emotions get the best of him?

Hinkel: I think it's a very fine line. He's a competitor, maybe too emotional out there, but Drew's going to be out there and compete. He cares, and that's the thing that really matters.

Q: You can win a Big Ten title in week 2, but can you lose one by now?

Hinkel: I don't know. There have been teams that have lost more than one game and won a Big Ten title. We've just got to take it one week at a time. If we can just continue to take it one week at the time, keep working every week in practice, keep improving, we'll be happy with where we're at at the end of the season.

Q: But you probably can't do it going 0-2 can you?

Hinkel: I don't know, hopefully we don't have to find out.

Q: You've got to hold serve at home.

Hinkel: Yeah.

Q: You guys have a chance to break the school record for home wins, a record for consecutive home wins this weekend. How much does that factor into your desire?

Hinkel: That would be a pretty nice record to be a part of. Being seniors, I guess, we've been a part of all of the wins, so it'd be nice to be a part of that, to get that record.

Q: What is it about Kinnick that you've been able to make it such a hard place to play?

Hinkel: I think just the atmosphere in there. It's a tough place to play for an opponent. Just like going to Ohio State and going to Penn State and Michigan and Wisconsin, it's hard to play there. Same things people have problems with when they come here.

Q: You played in the outback bowl a few years ago, what do you remember about Ron Zook coached teams?

Hinkel: Not a whole lot. I mean, I remember him being a real intense guy throughout that week. That's pretty much the main thing.

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