Q & A with Matt Kroul & Andy Fenstermaker

Junior punting off to a great start, while young defensive line still trying to find itself

Q: At this point, you have to admit that the competition isn't as great as it once was?

Andy Fenstermaker: I don't know about that. I think it is going to be a competition the rest of the season. Maybe not in games, but in practices. The moment you get complacent is the moment you will lose your spot, so I think it will be there the rest of the season. Whatever is best for the team. Even if I have a great week and John does better, I am behind him 100 percent. Whatever to help the team.

Q: What was it like punting at the Horseshoe, the pressure, and to still perform.

Fenstermaker: I am not going to speak for everyone, but when you are out on the field, you are really focused. Another thing that makes it easy is that a lot of guys on the punt protection unit have been doing a great job for many years, so you have a level of confidence as a punter that you are going to have a lot of guys up there doing a great job protecting for you. The long snapper does a great job snapping. That gives you more confidence that all you need to focus on is your one job you are there to do.

Q: Did you feel a lot of pressure going out there knowing that it could have been worse if you didn't perform as well.

Fenstermaker: Tedd Ginn is a great returner, and the coaches really wanted to take him out of the equation, so there would be pressure on that.


Q: The season could be going better. After Saturday, people are questioning the defensive line; where are you guys, in your mind? Do you feel like you are close?

Matt Kroul: I think we are close. Everyone keeps saying the little things, and that is what it is. We are so close every play. A step here or there from the quarterback. We have to keep pushing technique and the little things. We are so close, it hurts at times but you push through it.

Q: Trying to keep from getting frustrated is a part of that, when you get that close and don't do it?

Kroul: It's frustrating, but the coaches will help you out and do the best they can. We have the best coaches you could want. Just listen to them, get to the ball and do what you can/

Q: Is it experience? You guys are new.

Kroul: We are new, but you can't keep using that. That is why college football is so fun, because there are new guys each year. Each team has new guys. We can't use that as a crutch, we have to keep going. We are young, but we are gaining experience in games and practice. So keep on doing that and things go your way.

Q: People talk about offensive line continuity, being on the same page and knowing where everyone is. Is there something to that on D?

Kroul: The whole defense. Some plays we had eight guys playing and three guys doing the little thing wrong. We have to have all 11 on the same page and being in the right gap and come together as a team, with team defense.

Q: Is that difficult with as many guys as you are rotating?

Kroul: I don't think so. We rotating every day in practice, so its not like a new thing in games. We are used to each other being in there.

Q: Is there anything strategically or philosophically you can do differently?

Kroul: Just go out there each day and do your best and finish the plays and go hard.

Q: Last year you were in the same situation record wise, 2-2, are there any comparisons you can draw or take from that as far as turning things around?

Kroul: I think every team is different. If you look at last year, yeah we started 2-2, but every year is new and you play different teams. So you can't compare them, but you can learn some things. They kicked it in the ass after they lost those two, and we are going to try to do that. You look at how they got through the hard times. I think we learn from it, but every team is different.

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