Post Game: Marshal Yanda

Post game comments from Marshal Yanda

Q: Q: Is it good to get back on the friendly confines (of Kinnick Stadium) and get a victory?

Marshal Yanda: A: Yes, we really played as a team today. Coach (Ferentz) really emphasized playing physical, and I felt we played physical as a team. Especially as an O(ffensive) line. I thought we were really clicking.

Q: Q: Every running back that got in today recorded at least one six yard carry. Those holes you guys were opening must have been pretty big.

Yanda: A: It really doesn't matter who is back there. We are going to try and get them as many yards (as we can) and push guys around and get blocks to make things happen.

Q: Q: Did the new turf give you guys a bid of a stronger hold out there?

Yanda: A: The turf was nicer and was not as sandy. It just felt more solid.

Q: Q: Did you enjoy the pink shirts in the crowd?

Yanda: A: To tell you the truth, I did not pay much attention to that. It was game day and Illinois so I didn't pay it much attention when I was trying to think about that (being game day).

Q: Q: Getting back to .500 in the Big Ten, evening up the record, has got to give you some confidence moving forward.

Yanda: A: Definitely. We were going all week to get that Big Ten win, our first one, and we got it. We are real excited about it, definitely.

Q: Q: What is it like knowing Drew (Tate) is running around back there and finding people for touchdowns?

Yanda: A: To tell you the truth, you really do not know when he is running around. You just try and stay in front of your guy. If he is scrambling back there, I am just trying to stay in front of my guy and give him as much time as possible. I don't even know when he is scramblin'.

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