Tate: Step in the Right Direction

Iowa vs Illinois Post Game comments from Drew Tate

Q: The offensive line did a good job taking pressure of you to give you time to throw a couple of touchdown passes. Walk us through the one with (Ed) Hinkel.

Drew Tate: It was just a broken play. The line did a great job, but there was just nothing open. Then I just ran around and Ed stopped. The second one (touchdown pass) to (Scott) Chandler I just threw the ball up because Chandler is pretty tall. There was a guy there so I just threw the ball up and Chandler made a good catch.

Q: Has to give you pretty good confidence to know your running game was opened up. The line played a strong game today.

Tate: That is what I said earlier. Our offensive line was probably the player(s) of the game today. They did a great job, I had a lot of time to throw and they did a great job for the backs.

Q: You started to get into that normal rhythm today.

Tate: Well, it is easy whenever we do not have to force anything and the defense is holding them. It is just easy to play that way.

Q: It was good to get back into the friendly confines a little bit today.

Tate: Yeah, it's a good time.

Q: On Ed's touchdown run you had to throw the block that kind of sprung him. What is that like?

Tate: I was trying to get a better block. I was falling and was on the ground and I just tried to roll on somebody. I don't know if my block is the one that sprung it. We will see tomorrow

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