Sims Feels Like Running

Damien Sims broke a long run on Satuday

Q: Whenever he (Coach Ferentz) brings up your name he always talks about how serious you are about football. Explain that.

damien Sims: I'm a football head. I love everything about football. If you ask me about someone else's team, I could tell you, ‘This is so and so from this town. He had this many yards." I just love it.

Q: So you follow it?

Sims: Anybody. You could be a 1-star athlete and I know who you are. It's a habit. In the NFL, you could ask me what team a player got drafted and I might know what round. I just, I just love football.

Q: You might be a reporter someday.

Sims: Probably.

Q: How important is it to get a run like that? Does it build your confidence or are you confident already?

Sims: What does Coach Ferentz say? (thinking) I always agree with him when he says I am confident, almost borderline cocky.

Q: But he says that in a good way though.

Sims: If I make plays like that it is almost like I am expected to. If I talk to my family back home and tell them, "did you see my run?" They would make it like it is no big deal because I have been doing that since I was little. It is sort of like you just gotta get out there and do it. They don't praise me for things like that, but they might praise me for a good block or something like that. Stuff that I need to do so I can get more playing time.

Q: Does it make you feel good to get out there and run over someone...and then take it another 60 yards to the house (end zone)?

Sims: Yes, because I feel like what Coach Doyle was doing to me all summer is paying off. All the sled pulls, and I gained 20 pounds and I am still fast. I am like the 3rd fastest guy on the team. I feel a lot better.

Q: You certainly showed off that speed because after you broke the tackle you just kind of "ran away". Speed is born, huh?

Sims: I guess so. That's Coach Doyle.

Q: When you moved defense you did that for the team. Were you reluctant to do it?

Sims: The situation with Antwan (Allen) and MaQuan Dawkins, something happened with him, then Coach Ferentz came to me and sat me down. He was like, "First thing, it is not like you aren't performing on offense. Because if you were to ask me who the top running backs are it would be: you, Albert (Young) and then a couple other guys. You are the type of athlete we need to get on the field. You have got a chance to play corner right now because we do not know how the situation is going to play out with those guys." So I was doing it, but when they came back it was like...well, I was still trying to catch on to the defense. You would, too, if you just started at it for like a week. If a big game were going to be on the line and they had to put me in they would have to limit the calls (on defense) and not call everything. So I would be hurting the team, kind of. They were trying to get me on the field, but I know offense. So I could always go back to offense...that's pretty much what I did.

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