Hinkel: Credit Goes to Offensive Line

Senior Ed Hinkel talks about the win over Illinois

Q: What was your best play: Your sommersault into the end zone or your catch over your head of the punt?

Ed Hinkel: I don't know, I have got no idea. They're both alright I guess.

Q: The catch of the punt probably saved 30 or 40 yards - including the return.

Hinkel: Yeah, it probably would have ended up going out of the end zone. I don't know how much it would have saved us. I talked to (Illinois punter Steve) Weatherford after the game and he was mad at me as it turns out.

Q: What is the difference between last week and this week with the offensive production?

Hinkel: We had a good week of practice. We went back to work and knew we needed to improve on offense. The offense really went out and did a great job. Those guys were focused and ready to go.

Q: The team had near 300 yards rushing, some of them were yours. Does that make it easy on you to perform?

Hinkel: It's nice. It just shows what our offensive line has been doing. I mean those guys have been working hard. It has not really shown up to this point. I don't think anyone else on our team watches more film then those guys. They work their tails off and were finally able to show it today.

Q: When Drew rolls out of the pocket like that, is it one of those things where you two make eye contact? Or do you just go to an open spot and sit down?

Hinkel: Pretty much just I just try and get into a spot where he can see me. When I jumped inside, I saw him rollin out and we made eye contact. We both just kind of knew I was going to jump back outside and he put it out there.

Q: Are you going to add the high jump to your repeitoire now?

Hinkel: I don't think so. I wasn't that high.

Q: Was that a play you guys have practice this week, or just one of those things that you just pulled out?

Hinkel: We practice that every week and have put a lot of work into that play. We ran that two years ago in Wisconsin with Razor (former Iowa receiver Ramon Ochoa. Affectionately known as "Razor"). He scored on it, too, so it has been a pretty good play for us.

Q: When you watch the film tomorrow, are you going to make sure to tell Drew that you block for him all the time - where is your block?

Hinkel: I heard he actually hit somebody, I don't know. We will have to wait and see it on the film.

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