Young: "Everything was just clicking for us"

Albert Young talks about the differences in running styles, opening up the playbook and more in this premium interview.

Q: You guys have a ton of running backs this year after last year having zip, basically. Obviously that's another page in the playbook opening up for you guys?

Albert Young: Oh yeah. I like this idea of having so many tailbacks. I don't know if we could do more things. It's not that we didn't have it last year, it's just that everybody was hurt.

Q: You finally got the passing game going for you. I know that's something you wanted to do, show those skills.

Young: Yeah, just a little flash today. We go and do some more things, it may get a little more exciting out there. We got a little taste of it today. Coach O'Keefe called a great game today, all over. Everything was just clicking for us. It's sort of like we had something going the entire game.

Q: It looks like you've got a little bit of variety, you've got you, Schnoor, Sims now, Shonn Greene. Everybody's a little different.

Young: Yeah, that's good. Different defenses, different styles. Damian is a slasher, I would say me and Damian's game are somewhat similar, it's just I'm a bit bigger. You know Shonn, you all have seen Shonn, he's a truck. (Laughs) and Schnoor, just somehow gets yards. I can't really describe that. Everybody has their own different running style. That's what you expect out of people, you're never going to find two of the same people, so it's not like any team has two backs that are exactly the same. It's good to have a little mix up in there, a little change-up.

Q: Damian is really confident in a good way, is that a fair assessment? It's the first time I've ever interviewed him.

Young: Yeah, that's Damian.

Q: How can that help you? He also said he's a football junkie, he knows everything about... Do you notice that, are you like that?

Young: You have to have confidence when you're out there, because if you don't, you don't really have anything out there. You can't go out there thinking you can't get the job done. Damian is confident in a good way. Everybody has their little swagger to them. Just make sure it's in a good way, so it doesn't get out of control.

Q: Did you notice any difference in the footing out there with the new grass?

Young: Yeah, it was definitely a lot better. I didn't really have that many problems with the original turf in the first place, but there were a lot of divots back then. I didn't have any problems with footing today, there's a lot of sand out there and that gets up in your eyes. It might not look pretty because it's brown, but it's good enough for us to run.

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