Iwebema: Fundamentals are key

Kenny Iwebema talks about blocking his second and third kicks of the year in this premium interview.

Q: (On his two field goal blocks)

Kenneth Iwebema: It's going to be a lot more pressure for everybody to just keep doing what they're supposed to do. They were just off on a little bit of technique on the field goal block. That proves whatever Coach says does work.

Q: Was the ball a little lower than it should have been or were you just in the right place?

Iwebema: I believe I was in the right place at the right time on both of them. Yeah, one of them was really low, the one that he missed, that nobody touched, that one was real low. Coach puts you in the right place at the right time in certain occasions, and I was just there.

Q: Did you think you would get the ball right off the snap?

Iwebema: Nah, I didn't think I was going to get that. You're supposed to, but after running it a whole bunch of times and you don't get to the ball, you're like "Ahh." You've just got to stick with technique and fundamentals.

Q: Until today you'd never blocked a kick before, or have you?

Iwebema: I blocked one, earlier in the season, in the first game. It was just a tip, but it stopped it from going in, and that's what counts.

Q: Did you see this game coming for yourself or were you in the position where you just got in the zone?

Iwebema: I guess you're supposed to feel like that every week. All we're trying to do is come out here and get better, do whatever we've got to do to win. That's what we're trying to do, get the W on the board. It felt almost special today with the 21 in a row. We needed that W after last week, it was just something we were striving for and needed to do. We got there and it felt good.

Q: Coach Ferentz has always said that the younger plays show improvement faster than the older players, would you agree with that?

Iwebema: From now to the beginning of the season, there's been a lot of improvement, with all of us. People are reading blocks better, getting more pressure, you've just got to keep making strides. We're not where we want to be, but we're better than we were, and that's all that counts. We're trying to get better every week.

Q: The missed tackles, what's going to be the key thing to work on with those?

Iwebema: That's fundamental right there. It's just getting your body on a man. I missed a couple, it's just something you've got to do whether you're tired or not. You've got to be able to get your body on a man and take him down.

Q: Later in the game, you guys got a lot more pressure on the quarterback. Did you feel that was them wearing down, or what brought that on, that rapid improvement from the beginning to the end of the game.

Iwebema: We played with a lot more emotion in the second half. Basically, from what I saw, it felt like we were a lot more excited, we were doing a lot more.

Q: Is that something the coaches got into you about at halftime?

Iwebema: They got into us about playing with emotion, just acting like you want to do something out there. Everybody's supposed to be able to make a play, if everybody plays their best, it doesn't do anything but make us better. Just trying to get out there and do some things.

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