Schnoor: Albert Will Be In There

Marcus Schnoor talks about Iowa's 35-7 victory against Illinois

Q: Was this the most encouraging performance you guys had this year in term of quality opponent and what you were able to do?

Marcus Schnoor: Yeah, I think we got a lot of stuff together today. We got a little momentum going at the beginning. We got the ball and drove it down the field. We kind of needed that this season: to get momentum going at the start of the game. With an opponent like Illinois they are a good opponent and helped us get on the right track I think.

Q: What about Albert's (Albert Young) performance?

Schnoor: Albert played a great game. He was cramping up and stuff like that. But other than that he played a heck of a game. We had over 300 yards rushing so that says a lot about the offensive line, obviously. Pretty much everyone that got in their ran the ball pretty well.

Q: Last year you guys have no running backs, this year are drunk with them. It is amazing.

Schnoor: Yeah, drunk that is a good term to use. We have 5-6 guys deep in the backfield now. When Albert starts cramping up it is nice to know you have four guys that could go in for him. You are not going to miss a whole lot.

Q: Did you talk to Damian (Sims) when he was a DB about if he pretty much hated that?

Schnoor: I think Damian was always a running back at heart much like Matt Roth was a linebacker at heart. You know you move positions and it worked out the best for him. Damian is a heck of a running back and you see that out on the field that he is happy to be back where he is.

Q: Can you talk about the holes today compared to last week. It is obvious that they were there (today).

Schnoor: I can't really compare it that much to last week because I didn't get that many carries. I didn't get any carries last week. The offensive line did an unbelievable job today. They picked up their game, the backs picked up our game today, and (both) in parts it helped out our rushing game.

Q: How did you like the new turf? It seemed to help you.

Schnoor: Yeah, it did. It is only a week old and it is amazing. Just think about that and how amazing that is that they can put that in in less than a week. It is a little sandy, but it is nice.

Q: When one running back is hot, is that guy going to stay in or how is this going to work?

Schnoor: Really right now I think Albert is going to be in there is how it seems to me unless he gets tired or something. I don't know if it has much to do with being hot. I think today it was just Albert was in there, then I went in for a little bit and Damian went in for a little bit. We just rotate a little bit after Albert.

Q: Are you guys glad to be back in the passing game? I think it has been a few years, but I think you guys (running backs) caught more passes today than for a long time.

Schnoor: I think it is pretty beneficial for the offense to know that you used to look for the deep ball all the time and now we are starting to throw some dump downs. Which makes the defense play us a little more conservatively. It is nice to have the dump downs there, that third option.

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