Illinois Post Game: JovonJohnson & Mitch King

Jovon Johnson and Mitch King talk about Iowa's 35-7 win against Illinois from Saturday

Q: This interception (stuff) is becoming a regular thing, but no touchdown this week.

Jovon Johnson: As long as I got the ball in my hands it feels good. No matter if it is a touchdown or not I just feel good when I got the ball in my hands.

Q: It has got to make you guys feel good to come back home and get a win. It moves you back to .500 and moving forward in the Big Ten.

Johnson: It definitely makes us real confident that we can come back and get wins. We look forward to a big test next week, but at the same time we have got to enjoy this one. We had a good week of practice and it showed on the field.

Q: I know you guys are all about the wins, but is that interception record still in the back of your mind?

Johnson: Yeah, I am counting down as we go. I have got six games to get 3. Well, in order to break it I need three. I would be satisfied with whether I tie it or whatever happens.

Q: You are not getting teased about this or anything? Or are you putting it out there to Antwan (Allen) or anyone else?

Johnson: Oh no. No, we back each other up regardless of the situation. Whether I break the record or not they are still going to be behind me 100 percent. I take pride in what I do, and what I do is get interceptions. That's the way I play the game.

Q: Do you guys feel you made improvement from one week to the next?

Johnson: Definitely. We came out ready to play from the gate. Our defensive line was really playing and getting sacks. Everything just flowed together for us. The offense made plays and they looked like the team that we are used to seeing. Hopefully we can continue to do that from now on out.

Mitch King

Q: It must feel good to get back home and get a win both at the same time.

Mitch King: Yeah, it felt good to get a win, obviously. It was our 21st (consecutive) win which is even bigger than getting the win. Getting that record was a great feeling today. We always play well at home. We played a little bit more like Iowa defense and Iowa football today. So it felt good.

Q: It feels good to get the win, but does giving up that many yards disappoint you - even though you buckled down and got the job done better in the second half?

King: I mean, a "W" is a "W" in my category. So, today was a better win than the UNI game because we should have shut down UNI 'right now'. Today felt real good just to get the "W". In the second half we came out and shut them down.

Q: This game has got to give you some confidence, I know you have that 24-hour rule, to report and get ready for the heart and meat of the rest of the Big Ten season.

King: The 24-hour rule is a mandatory thing within the team, but a win is going to carry through all week. So next week we need to remember this feeling we have after the game and before the game. The preparation it all took, we have to remember all that and carry it into next week against Purdue.

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