Abdul Hodge: The Line is Getting Better

Abdul Hodge likes the improvement from Iowa's front four

Q: It must feel great to get back on the feel and get a win here at Kinnick.

Abdul Hodge: Oh yeah. We definitely needed a win. Especially with how we played last week and how things have been going for us. So, to come back home and get a win means a lot for our team.

Q: Is it an interesting thing to have to practice and get prepared for a no-huddle, shotgun style offense?

Hodge: It is funny. We practiced against it a little bit, but we did not think they would do it that much. They basically did it the whole game. We felt like we was in pretty good shape. I think we did a pretty good job of communication and getting the calls in - playing and sticking with it.

Q: It looked like you guys were pretty fired up after they scored their only touchdown. Do you feel like this team is making the improvements that it needs to make?

Hodge: We are definitely moving forward. We are definitely moving forward. Today is a plus and we did a lot of good things out there. But we can get better and have a lot of room to improve. We just have to take it one day at a time and just keep getting better.

Q: You look at the statistics and Illinois had 376 yards. But when you look at the scoreboard they only have one touchdown. Are you worried about giving up that much offense?

Hodge: You have got to give Illinois credit. They have a real good offense with three talented backs. They all get a lot of yards. A lot of times we missed wrapping them up to make sure they got short yards. We definitely need to improve in that area and have our defense off the field much more often.

Q: I know you cannot really watch what they are doing. but do you the D-line is growing and improving from week to week?

Hodge: Oh yeah. Like I said, all over we made strides this week..especially up front. We are going to check out the film tomorrow, but those guys did an excellent job today. We were rotating them in and out, but when they came on the field they came to play.

Q: From your position, do you feel like the guards are getting to you less often?

Hodge: You know, I cannot really tell. I do not really worry about stuff like that. I just worry about getting lined up and just play. Everyone has a role on defense and we cannot worry about anybody else. You know we are not the number one team in the country or Big Ten with guys that graduate up front. We have got a good group of guys and gotta keep moving forward.

Q: Did the coaching staff make some major adjustments at halftime? Because in the second half your team only allowed 21 yards rushing compared to over 100 in the first half.

Hodge: We didn't change anything. We just had to buckle up and play better on defense. To get off the ball and make tackles. Make sure tackles. But we didn't change anything, we kept doing the same thing. Guys just came out the second half and played in the second half. And our second half was better than our first half.

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